10 Airplane Etiquette Tips to Remember

Well, readers, apparently there is more to learn at a Teachers Pay Teachers Conference than curriculum design, business marketing, and collaboration planning. It hit me on my trip out that I needed to write about airplane etiquette. My husband travels quite a bit for work, and he has had a few stories on his adventures. When I experienced two *situations* in a matter of fifteen minutes, I knew this post *must* be written. It was just too amusing not to share, but before I begin sharing, I do have a few important points I need to add.
Important Notes
  1. This post is not meant to offend. When you fly these days, you have to have a sense of humor right...even if you're paying $20 for that coke and bag of peanuts.  Please do not flame me, but rather, sit back and chuckle.
  2. I want to credit a few people for sharing their stories with me-Jamie at Play to Learn Preschool, Karen at Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten, Kimberly at KG Fonts, Kim at KinderGals, Brandi at A Peach for a Teach, Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B, Janiel from Literacy Matters, Tiffani at A Time for Kindergarten, Bridget from Literacy Without Worksheets, Christina A, and Alysson from Going Strong in Second Grade.
  3. Next time you fly, keep these stories in mind.  You might come back with a few of your own, but hopefully, you will avoid these!!
The first two on my list are flossing teeth and clipping fingernails. One of my bloggy friends was sitting next to a fella who decided to pull out the dental floss after eating his pretzels, and even had some of the goo fly.  Ewww!  

Another friend had nail clippings land on her as the woman beside her decided to give herself a mani on the plane, and guess what??  This same incident happened to my husband not long ago except the lady decided to redo her nail polish. She took the old off (imagine the smell of the polish remover) and then painted.  How she got nail polish remover through security is amazing. That stuff is toxic! Flossing, clipping nails, and other bathroom functions should happen in a bathroom...on the ground!

Number three comes from me, but I bet my readers will relate to the plop, plop, plop of your neighbors cell phone keypad or the poomp, poomp, skree of the Star Wars game my neighbor was playing...on full volume *without* headphones with everyone turning and watching. After 30 minutes, she realized this and turned it down. 

Guess what?  Headphones should be worn for music too, but here is the other piece of advice. When wearing headphones, go a step further and refrain from singing, especially if it's Jon Bonjovi!  I can not make this stuff up, people! Honest!

Wow, I am already to number five!  That went quickly. Too bad my next experience didn't! As you can see in the picture, some food just should not be allowed on an airplane...ever!  Fried foods, especially crab cakes, should not be opened and eaten in a tight space for everyone to smell. My neighbor looked at me and asked where the smell was coming from, and I said, "Not me! I think it's from the person in front of you." (and it was). 

While we're on the topic of smells, leave your shoes on if you've been wearing them for a while.  People do not want to smell your stinky feet much less have them placed on their armrest! Again...truth! These things really did happen this weekend.

On to number seven I think. This story is all about love. I love my husband...a bunch. In fact, we celebrate our 25th in three weeks (awwww!), but there are boundaries in public people. Please remember that others are on the plane with you, and passing pretzels from your mouth to your spouse's mouth is crossing them. We also do not care to hear about or see public displays of affection. Keep some things private.  

With all of the security rules and procedures in place now, many are on edge with traveling, especially when traveling alone. One bloggy friend experienced a very uncomfortable airplane discussion involving airplane crashes. When flying, people do not care to hear about crashes. Nor do they wish to search for the worst casualties on record. Use your wifi services for watching movies or surfing the net, not scaring your neighbors.  

Have you ever sat next to someone who seemed very well educated? Well, one bloggy friend did and that someone wanted to make sure she knew it. He decided to provide answers and even correct hers as she played sudoku...multiple times! When you sit by someone, intruding into their activities is not polite. Never read someone's computer or phone as they're texting/typing. It may be private business.  

I could go on with another five or six, but alas, I am at number 10. Shoot!  I was on a roll. I guess I have to either pick one good one or do some combining.  Sadly, I just can not limit to one, so playing and shuffling cards on a red-eye overseas flight...not a good idea as it keeps everyone awake!  It's also not a good idea to use your essential oils to "freshen up".  They may be worse than "too much day". If you haven't showered in a bit, please don't put your arms above your head to sway to the music or fall asleep against your neighbor. That is just too cozy for strangers, and last but not least, drinking vodka at 6:00 AM is much too early, especially if you spill it on those around you. If you choose to drink lots of vodka, by all means, do not ask your neighbor out for a date either. They will not appreciate it or the smelly vodka clothes.  

The conference in Vegas was fantastic, and I can't wait til next year. 365 days is just too many! I truly enjoyed meeting all of my blogging friends and making new ones, learning tips from very knowledgeable teacher authors, and making plans for the coming year.  Thanks to all who made the conference so wonderful and to those who shared their airplane "adventures". 
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  1. The post came out great!! Very entertaining :)
    The Techie Teacher

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I laughed the whole time I was writing it. So much material!!

  2. Ha! I am very glad that I have only experienced a few of these. Fun post Carla! Hope some of the offenders read it! ;-)

    1. I had friends share video...ewww! It is crazy what people do, but do not realize. Watching for airplane etiquette examples made the flight go quickly. LOL!

  3. Hahaha! This list cracks me up, Carla! I find the most interesting flights to be the ones to or from Las Vegas! Go figure! ;)
    One Lucky Teacher

    1. Isn't that the truth! Oh my goodness! I just sit here shaking my head at the thought of some


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