One Reading Website You May Not Know...The School Bell

What?? There's a website you may not know about??  Well, maybe. I visited an oldie, but goodie today to print up the game pieces and board I needed for my tutoring student, and it dawned on me that this site may be one my readers may not be familiar with.  Are you ready for me to share it?? Well, here you go.  

The School Bell has been around for some time, and it contains a page that is a must visit for primary teachers. The Dolch Kit includes printable Dolch word cards in small and large size, an assessment package for tracking your students' progress, and an assortment of printable games.  I played Pig and Stop today with my student, and he just loved it, but I've used Roll-a-Word, Bingo, and Battleship too.  

There may be other sections of the website that you like too, but for me, this part just makes my work so much easier.  So, check it out.  I hope you find the Dolch materials a big time-saver too.

Before I sign off, I thought I'd remind readers to come back tomorrow for our big Summer Blog Party link up.  Tomorrow's topic...Fire Up Your Readers with Great Books.

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