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Hello readers!  Today, I am linking up with the gals at Teaching Trio for their monthly linky, My Favorite Things. For my post, I chose to share my favorite blogging tools. Recently, I have had a lot of fun experimenting with Picmonkey. I am able use it with my favorite clip art and fonts which makes my graphics and photos much more appealing to readers, so I thought I'd share a few ideas about how I've used them.  

Picmonkey is such a great site, and it's well worth the minimal amount charged for the premium features. I love being able to frame photos and create collages with them as well as make post graphics like the one to the left. For a graphic like the one to the left, I started by setting the image size. Normally, I do a custom dimension. This one was 600 px x 250 px. The width of my full page is 640 px, so this image was reduced to be the size it is.  I think it is easier to work with the image at a larger size and reduce the size later.

Once the size is set, I selected the blue background, framed it with the mat and pink border.  Then, all I had to do was add clip art and wording.  Another nice thing with Picmonkey is that you can click and drag things to resize easily.

I am a sucker for cute clip art, and Lindy du Plessis has been generating some mighty cute sets lately with her pet families. I just picked up this adorable cat family, and now I just need to create a cute item to do with it. I am thinking a partner script in the second to third grade range might fit this look.  Stay tuned for that. Again...this is a Picmonkey graphic.  I even remembered to watermark this one.  The font is from KG Fonts which are in my credits roll.

Speaking of KG Fonts, I just purchased the commercial license which gave me a bazillion new fonts to choose from. I am having so much fun putting them together.  I also use many of Jen Jones' fonts too (Hello Literacy). These gals must have been destined to be teachers with their beautiful handwriting, right? Kimberly has put together a few wonderful tutorials on how to combine different fonts together, and if you're curious about that, you might hop over [here] to read all about her ideas on font pairings.

Well, I am off now to our fifth grade graduation celebration at school. These kids are mighty special to me as I've watched them grow up the last six years. Hard to believe they are ready for middle school when I recall them as kinders. Sigh...  I am leaving with them, so that makes the evening even more special. I have decided to work from my home with tutoring, TPT, presenting professional development and parental involvement workshops, and volunteering as I am able. We'll see where that goes this year.  

Only three more days...
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  1. That clip art is so super cute!!! I need to check out her store :)
    The Techie Teacher

  2. Carla, thanks so much for sharing this info. I learned a lot. I posted a few favorites myself...but come on now...clip art? How helpful. KG is fantastic, and PicMonkey and Cute Clips? I appreciate you telling me about it. You have a wonderful day!

    1. Sorry about the clip art recommendation...are you an addict too?? OMG...I need clip art anonymous ! I will hope over to check out your favorites...


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