Thematic Thursday is All about Superheroes

Thematic Thursday is a weekly teacher linky party focused on the sharing of ideas for a different theme each week. This week’s theme is Superheroes, and bloggers are asked to share their favorite books and activities to teach and enjoy them, Feel free to link up your posts or free products that fit the theme of the week.  

Hello readers! Today’s post is coming a bit late, so it may or may not work for others to link up this week, but I wanted to stick with my commitment of a theme per week.

So…do your kids love superheroes? Even kids in upper elementary do I have found, and I bet you’ll find a few activities that you’ll enjoy using. Last year, I really enjoyed writing superhero stories with my kids.  We used the book, Randy Riley’s Really Big Hit, as our mentor text and explored Popplet to build character maps of our superhero selves.  The stories my students wrote were lots of fun, so I decided to further explore the superhero theme.  Here is the freebie I put together for that assignment.


Of course, my first stop was Pinterest.  Below, is the board I have going.  

Book Suggestions for Superheroes

I could talk books for hours. I have a few favorites that I’ve used with my kids including The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy and it’s companion, Ladybug Girl.  I was first introduced to Ladybug Girl a year or so ago during one of our blog hops. Kylie over at Ripper Reading Resources reviewed it. They are just adorable.  
I also just love the books by Chris Van Dusen. I first learned of Chris Van Dusen through Mercy Watson. Van Dusen’s books really appeal to the kids with the vibrant illustrations and playful themes. 
Fun Activities from TPT

There are a large variety of activities on the superhero theme.  I loved all the variety, and as I was collecting the freebies, I did see an adorable End of the Year Memory book I love…maybe at the next sale…???
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Video Resources about Superheroes


The last resource I wanted to share is a delightful series called, Captain Awesome by Stan Kirby. My kids are crazy about these books and have raced through the full series. They have a mix of illustrations and words yet, so if you have a struggling reader, its a great go-to book.  The level of them is mid third grade level.
If you’d like to learn a bit more about them, check out this video trailer.  

Well, it is time to hang out with my superheroes, so until next time, happy reading!


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  1. What an awesome blog post Carla – thanks for all the links and your free resource. You know I have been an admirer of your reading expertise for some time now and your reading comprehension units are just fantastic. I always know it is going to be a quality resource if it has "Comprehension Connection" on it 🙂 Thanks also for the shout out 🙂

    I just LOVE your superheroes pinterest board too!!!


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