Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

This round up post includes a great collection of recommended books, project ideas, vdeo links, websites, and more for you and your students to celebrate Earth Day.
Earth day is just around the corner, but why not start a little early with your celebrations. After all, ecology is important all day every day. In this post, you'll find many resource options to make your celebrations meaningful and fun.

Book Suggestions for Earth Day:

This collection of books are a great start to planning out your Earth Day lessons. This post includes a great collection of FREE RESOURCES, websites, and youtube links to help make planning easy.
At the core of every great unit is literature. There are many great choices that work well for ecology. The image to the right includes my favorites, but I'll highlight a few from the collection that I've used and created resources for.

One very important component of a great unit is great literature. If you have access to text sets, you might use them in your content area instruction. Most schools have multiple copies of at least a few related titles. If not, interactive read alouds are the way to go. Of course, you also must see how they tie to your standards.

The first of the collection is great piece of  literature. A River Ran Wild by Lynne Cherry is one I always use. This one shows how the industrial revolution and pollution impacted the land and rivers in New York as more and more people settled there. The resource I created for this book includes materials for author's message, making comparisons and predictions, and a writing extension for close reading. Best thing about it? It's FREE!

Another terrific book for Earth Day is Just a Dream by Chris VanAllsburg. This book aims to help students recognize the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling as well as being good stewards of the Earth. The unit I designed for Just a Dream includes before, during, after activities as well as an Earth Day lapbook. [THIS POST] explains in detail how the lessons go. Included with this unit is an Earth Day Lapbook which pulls key teaching points together into one larger project.

Finally, I love the book, Someday a Tree by Eve Bunting. It is about a beloved tree in the meadow of a family's farm. The mom and children spend lots of time reading and playing under the big tree until one day it is sprayed with chemicals which kills it. The story tells how the family works to save it and how they recover. The story is touching and works well as an Earth Day read. My resource for this book includes before/during/after materials and the same Earth Day lapbook in my Just a Dream unit.

Other titles in the image above that I especially love are The Great Kapok Tree, The Lorax, The Curious Garden, and The Giving Tree (of course!) You can't go wrong with any of them, and there are sure to be other great titles I may not know of.

Classroom Projects:

Kids love hands on projects, and this board of mine on Pinterest includes many different project ideas you might try. It's a great board to follow with most pins leading to free resources.

Some of my favorite Pinterest finds are listed below.  I love the crafting ideas in this first blog post from I Heart Crafty Things. You could use any of them with an informational article about Earth Day and add a writing extension prompt for a very meaningful lesson.

This second idea from Pinterest comes from Hilary at Rockin Teacher Resources. If you zoom in on each letter of EARTH, you'll see what students value on our earth.

Earth+Day+Doodle-Simona (1) If you want to splurge a little, I love this door mural I came across.  I think it's worth $5.00. It would be a fun project to include in the morning with light music in the background. You can also find amazing class murals from Art with Jenny K. I love all of her work.

Fun Resources from TPT

Of course, I have scanned through TPT too, and I've picked out a few free resources to highlight here. The  resouce at the top for A River Ran Wild is one I have in my store. Click the image to download it.  Additionally, [this resource] by Lisa Frase would also be a great addition to your folders.
The other wonderful resources are listed below.  Be sure to add them to your collections.
Earth Day Free   Earth Day Close Reading Toolkit FREEBIE   Earth Day FREE

Earth Day {Mosaic Craftivity + Mini Unit}   FREE Earth Day Pack!   FREE Earth Day Word Work

Technology and Video Links:

Kids need to learn from different media too. Below, I've included a few Youtube links that you can try out. The first is a fun song you can teach your students or play as they're working on a project. It might get on your nerves a bit, but I bet your kids would like it. 

Okay, this one might be a little easier on the nerves. It's a bit more educational. It's a bit goofy, but it gives the history of Earth Day. It's short and could be a decent introduction for upper elementary. 

This round up post includes a great collection of recommended books, project ideas, vdeo links, websites, and more for you and your students to celebrate Earth Day. Websites You Might Try:

🌲Earth Day Bags 

🌲Planet Pals

🌲Recycle City

🌲Kids Can Save the Earth

Earth Day can and should be a fun celebration and something we practice all the time. With quality literature, meaningful projects, opportunities to research and write about Earth Day themed concepts, and time to put conservation plans into practice, your students will remember how important it is to take care of this wonderful planet.


  1. Wow! Lots of great stuff for Earth Day Carla! Thank you!

    1. These posts probably are beginning to look similar. :-) I use each week's post as a template which has helped a lot in putting together the resources. Thanks for linking up, Kim!


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