If I won a gift card, I'd buy...books! (Giveaway)

Oh boy! Do I have great news for you!  Today starts a big $100 giveaway over at I Teach Second! My bloggy buddies and I want to treat four lucky readers with a shopping spree to buy more of their favorite things. In fact, there are actually three giveaways going on simultaneously if you include I Teach Kinder and I Teach First, so actually there will be four twelve winner!  That's even better, right?  So what will you do with your gift card when you win? I know as a reading specialist exactly what I would buy.  Books!  What books are on my list you ask?  (humor me okay...)  Well, I will be glad to tell you all about them.  With $25.00 from Amazon, I would buy the following titles (with a little of my own money thrown in).

An A from Miss Keller, Patricia's newest book.  Thank You Mr. Falker and Junkyard Wonders are two books I can not read without tearing up, and I'm a sucker for those touching stories. Here is what Amazon had to say about this book. 
A perfect companion to the classic Thank You, Mr. FalkerThe Art of Miss Chew, and Mr. Wayne’s Masterpiece, this book celebrates a teacher who inspired a young Patricia Polacco to become the writer and storyteller she is today.

Trisha is nervous about being chosen for Miss Keller’s writing class. “Killer Keller” demands that her students dazzle her with their writing, and rumor has it that she has never given an A. The rumors turn out to be all too true—there’s just no pleasing Miss Keller. Then an unexpected loss leaves Trisha heartbroken. Thoughts of teachers and grades forgotten, she pours out her soul in a personal narrative. And when Miss Keller reads it, she tells Trisha, “You’ve given your words wings.”
Who wouldn't want this book?  It's Trisha's continuation through life, and I just have to have that book. End of discussion.

While I'm at it, I think I'll add in Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece and The Art of Miss Chew. I have to have the full story, so these two must go in my shopping cart too.  Mr. Wayne helps Trisha overcome her fear of public speaking with his drama class.  He selects her to help in designing the sets for the school play, and interestingly, she memorizes all the lines. (Does that surprise you?  Not me.  With her talent, I bet she had them down in a week!). Here's what Amazon says about Mr. Wayne's Masterpiece
Speaking in front of an audience terrifies Trisha. Ending up in Mr. Wayne’s drama class is the last thing she wants! But Mr. Wayne gives her a backstage role painting scenery for the winter play. As she paints, she listens to the cast rehearse, memorizing their lines without even realizing it. Then, days before opening night, the lead actress suddenly moves away, and Trisha is the only other person who knows her part. Will the play have to be canceled? It won’t be an easy road—when Trisha tries to recite the lines in front of the cast, nothing comes out! But Mr. Wayne won’t let her give up, and with his coaching, Trisha is able to become one of his true masterpieces.
Speaking of talent, it was her talent that got her into Miss Chew's art class and which led to her amazing illustrations today.  This book actually was published first out of these three options, and I think you'd want to read them in order. Each hits a critical point in the development of who Patricia Polacco is and why she is totally my inspiration. I see Trisha in so many of the little faces I teach, and because of these wonderful books, we have a role model and example of overcoming extreme challenges to achieve your dreams and goals.  Here's the Amazon description.
After spending the summer with her artist grandmother, Trisha knows she wants to be an artist, too. She's thrilled when her sketches get her into Miss Chew's special art class at the high school. A substitute teacher tells her she's wasting time on art when she should be studying - but fortunately, this is one battle that Miss Chew and Trisha are up for! 
While I'm talking books, I think there is one more I will put in my shopping cart. I know I'm over the limit here, but I can't help myself. I'm terrible about having to have the books...right...now! I love survival stories and books where the main character shows strength and determination. These types of books are such an inspiration to kids. I also gravitate to books that truly paint a vivid description with word choice and sentence fluency.  Patricia MacLachlan's book, All the Places I Love is a favorite of mine because of the beautiful descriptions she shares of a grandfather's love for his grandchild, and this story has the language of it with the character development of Brave Irene.  Here is the Amazon description.
This is a story about one brave girl who saves her family from losing everything. In a starred review, Publishers Weekly calls this lyrical tale “melodic, poetic, and enchanting.”
Everyone in Lucy’s family sings. Opera. Rap. Lullabies. Everyone, except Lucy. Lucy can’t sing; her voice won’t come out.

Just like singing, helping Aunt Frankie prepare for flooding season is a family tradition—even if Frankie doesn’t want the help. And this year, when the flood arrives and danger finds its way into the heart of Lucy’s family, Lucy will need to find her voice to save her brother.
So what books would you purchase with an Amazon card?  Please share your thoughts with me.  I LOVE adding new books to my list.  

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful book suggestions! :)

    1. I just love Patricia Polacco. She's such an inspiration. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. A teacher can never have enough books. These sound like some really good ones. Thanks for sharing!


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