Five Funnies for Friday

This is going to be a quick five minute post while our dinner is baking.  I just caught a Friday funny over at I Teach Third, so I thought I'd share a few I've been saving on my Pinterest board.  Here you go...

Number 1-
Is this true of you too?  I swear... 
the blood stops flowing to my head.
Such a rule follower...sigh.
On relating more to students than people realize: | 19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions
Number 2-
This is so hilarious...must watch!

Number 3-
This is called survival, but I am so glad this guy 
loves my seating chart ideas.  
Who else rocks at separating the talkers?
He looks so much like my son, Logan! It's also funny because I stayed late at school making new seating charts with this in mind.
Number 4-
Can I use the bathroom?  Can I get a drink?  What are we doing today? Can I borrow a pencil?  Do you have paper? Sigh...
Oh geez, just figure out my last day activity..."When the teacher..." should keep them busy for a little while and should be entertaining for me too!  ;)
Number 5-
In light of the computer glow on my face right now, I think I need to publish this blog post.  Any night owls?  Do you feel the glow on your face?  
Hehe    - Re-pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins
Well, I'm shutting down the glow and publishing this post, but I'll be back this weekend with a few surprises.  Have a great weekend! 

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  1. Those were all super funny! I totally panic when the principal says she needs to talk to me too! I admitted this to her the other day, and she thought it was hilarious. (She had grabbed me at the school auction to answer a question I had about teaching summer school, but until she started talking I was sure I had messed up somehow.) When will we get over this?!

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