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It has been a very busy week with our Benchmark testing, report cards, and a Professional Development day tomorrow and since I'm not planning today, I thought I'd link up with a few of bloggy buddies from The Teaching Trio for their weekly linky, Sunday Scoop.  I've had so much fun getting to know Cassie, Juliet, and Krista with our new collaborative blog called Classroom Tested Resources. So here is a little scoop on me...
Have to...
Oh how I wish that laundry pile were not on my list.  I do not know how we create so much between three people (oldest son is gone to college now, and it was much worse when he was here with stinky soccer uniforms,etc.). I think it's the teenaged daughter of mine that wears multiple outfits a day. Sound familiar?  

Also on my have to do is a handout for tomorrow's Professional Development day. I plan to share a few products I've put together with the fourth grade teachers and give them each the links to these great groups that have been formed for teachers in Virginia by my friend, Nikki over at Teaching in Progress. If any of my readers are from Virginia and have not joined them, just click the links below to be added.

Hope to...
It is so nice to see the sun shining, and I am hoping to get our sweet dog out for a stroll before the sun sets. All I have to do is open the drawer where we keep the leash, and she goes nuts. Anyone have a dog like that?  She is an Old English Sheepdog, and I just love her. One funny from Friday this week involving her. All of my fifth graders made their AR goals for the quarter, and two of them love dogs.  They asked me if I could bring her in since they all made their goals. Isn't that awesome?  My principal said it was okay, so I'll take pictures for a post later.

Another hope to is to get started on an insects close reading set. This time of year, the bugs start to get active (and I so wish the stink bugs were not!). Even so, I think kids are fascinated by them, so maybe by the end of the week, I'll have them ready.

Happy to...
I am happy to announce the kick-off of Classroom Tested Resources. We did a little blog roll call, so I went through to follow all the other gals' blogs. How impressive!  We had every grade level covered as well as reading, math, and tech specialties, so be sure to drop by.  Each month will focus on topics beginning with a different letter (which should be interesting). This month is the letter P, so you can look forward to the following...planning, plants, poetry, problem solving, projects, phonics, Hmmm... so many options! We have a giveaway in progress for these awesome classroom tested tools, and if you wish to enter, just click on the image below.  
Have a happy Sunday, and an even better week.
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