My Teacher Hero

Who is your teacher hero?  Think back to your elementary days?  Did you have a teacher that just happened to touch you by something simple such as remembering your birthday with a special inspirational card on your desk?  Or, did you have a teacher stay after school to tutor you when you struggled with a math concept?  How about showing concern when you lost your favorite furry friend?  

As I think back on the teachers I had in my school experience, the person that stands out probably would not guess that I'd pick him.  I was a quiet kid, and honestly, I just wanted to stay under the radar.  However, as an adult and teacher, I appreciate his humor, the caring way he made himself available if kids needed help, and his crazy mad scientist demeanor.  I still remember him throwing on those goggles, hair sticking straight up, and his white lab coat as he tossed some chemical into another sending smoke and pops in the air. Yes, Mr. Holste was a great teacher, and I still love teaching science concepts because of him.  Of course, he's retired now, and this picture I found through Google (and I hope he won't mind).  Can you picture the white lab coat??  

Teachers are heroes, and here is why.  You connect with the children in your classroom each day. You look for the little things that help the kids feel good and enjoy learning.  You spend your time writing up plans, preparing special materials just for them, and you are constantly on the look out for better ways to help them understand.  You spend your planning period (what's that, right??) tutoring, calling families, and monitoring recess time (or playing kickball.)  You spend your own funds to buy materials that will help your kids learn better.  You remember them on special occasions such as holidays and birthdays, and if they don't have gifts coming, you do what it takes to make sure they have something under the tree.  You come in on your free time to set your classrooms with special nooks and crannies that will be "fun" for your students, and you show your creativity with the "artsy" anchor charts that will cover the walls of your classroom.  You make a point to make it to your students' ball games and concerts, and you spend time selecting just the right books that will inspire your kids to read.  You work, work, and work some more, and I appreciate that about you.

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Have a great week, and come back tomorrow to check out this week's Thematic Thursday.  The topic is Historical Fiction and each blogger will share a period of time.  I'll be featuring the Revolutionary War resources.  

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