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Happy Tuesday Readers!  I am sorry I've been a little MIA this week, but I was on vacation with these special people, my mom and my sister.  What an amazing trip we had! I hated to take time off during the school year, but it worked out best for my hubby with our daughter being home.  We visited Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and the weather was fabulous.
So as you can see, I'm linky up with Teaching Trio for this month's My Favorite Things linky party and here are my three favorite things.  You can tell traveling is one of my favorites since it hits two of the three things I have listed.  If only we had more time, right?? 
So first on my list is The Royal.  It worked out very well for us since it was so close to all the action.  We were right near the shopping district which was convenient.  We enjoyed lots of girl time, the shows, the yummy meals, and time to relax, read books, and laugh at the crazy activities people.  I'd highly recommend this location and hope I get to return in the future.

The second favorite I thought I'd share is our favorite family vacation. Several years ago, we cashed in a few frequent flyer points and flew to San Francisco.  My husband travels there some for work, and he'd wanted to take us out for quite some time.  It was truly amazing seeing the Redwoods, touring downtown San Fran and Napa.  This is our youngest standing in front of one of the "younger" trees.  Can you believe it??  

Okay, so what is your favorite dessert?  Here is mine.  Yep...Creme Brulee. Doesn't that look amazing? I love quiet dinners out with the hubster, and it's nice to end with a sweet treat I don't typically make at home.  

What are your favorite things??  I thought about sharing my favorite teaching materials or ideas, but this post was much more fun to share.  You may not find it particularly helpful, but you might just find yourself needing to think of a dessert to make or better yet, planning a vacation.  I hope it's the latter of the two. :-)  

Have a great day and be sure to come back tomorrow for Thematic Thursday!  We'll be sharing Friendship ideas to help you celebrate Valentine's Day and to help your kids avoid conflict.


  1. California Redwoods are amazing aren't they? We are hoping to take our son back this summer. He was born in CA, but there are many sites he never saw, the redwoods being one of them.

    1. It was a fabulous vacation. We rented a condo in San Fran and just traveled from there. We hit San Fran sites, Napa, Muir Woods, and spent two days south in Monterey Bay (I think that's where we were). Anyway, I want to go back and definitely, Kim, plan it!!

  2. Taking my family to see the redwoods is on my bucket list! I also love traveling, especially to any place with a beach.
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. It was such a great week, and special time with my mom and sister. Glad you dropped by.

  3. I LOVE Creme Brulee! Yummy!! Love your take on your favorite things!

  4. I LOVE to travel!! It is one of the things that I think is so important for my little family to do. My family vacations (when I was a kid) are some of the strongest memories that I have. I am so happy that you shared these with us! My next family trip....Colorado in July :)


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