Winter Wonders with Adventures in Literacy Land

Welcome to Comprehension Connection, hoppers!  I hope you're ready for lots of great hoppin' fun and information.  I am so proud to be part of such a wonderful team.  I've learned a lot this year about blogging and literacy from this group, and we've become great friends along the way. We are so excited to welcome our new bloggy friends to our team and sad to say goodbye to a few too.  No doubt, we as a team will do our best to make Adventures in Literacy Land a place to go for literacy ideas, learning opportunities, and helpful to you as you complete the challenging job of reaching and teaching our little people.

Close Reading Wonders

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and so are we!  One thing I've been curious about since attending our state reading conference is Close Reading.  I got to see Chris Lehman, author of the book, Falling in Love with Close Reading, present, and since then, I just can't get enough of them.  As teachers, we are constantly looking for new ways to present material to our kids. The children I work with have struggled with passing our state reading assessment, and I think Close Reading may help them get over the hump. 

I include at least one Close Read a week into our routine, but use them as homework some too.  I have been selective with the materials I use and try to include a mix of fiction and nonfiction passages. With the nonfiction materials, I look for Close Reads that include content area topics that our students will be assessed on in Science and Social Studies to help give them another exposure to the content.  

When I introduce a passage to my students, I typically build schema for the topic and preteach the vocabulary.  As my students read, they mark connections, confusions, main ideas, sequence (for how-to writing), and vocabulary with a pencil (first read).  I also have them label the topic of the paragraphs in the margins so they know where to look for text evidence for questions later.  In the second reading, students use highlighters.  They mark text information they need to answer comprehension questions, and on the third day, they read for fluency and respond to a writing prompt or comprehension graphic organizer after.  

Freebie Fun

The freebie I am sharing today is my latest partner script, Penguins on Parade.  I use them with my students in guided reading and for Read to Partner time when I run small groups.  I have set them up to work as a Close Read and fluency builder.  Each set includes a schema builder and vocabulary page for prereading, the four page script, a graphic organizer for information gathering, comprehension question task cards, and a writing activity for post reading. This one is a fictional story about penguins. Kids just love the Tacky the Penguin books, and I had them in mind as I wrote the story.  Tolly is very clumsy and has trouble walking on the ice.  However, he's an excellent swimmer and saves the day when a pod of Leopard Seals enter the scene.  It has themes of overcoming challenges, appreciating individual differences, and friendship, so I think it could be worked into plans during January and February (in the US) or June/July (in Australia or Southern Hemisphere).  To access the file, just click the preview below.
Since our hop has ended, this set is now listed for $2.50. 
If you are interested in giving Close Reading a try, you might want to check out my Close Reading Pinterest board.  I have pinned many of the Close Reads I've tried there.  

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Now, I know Jana has great things to share, so you can hop over to visit her at Thinking Out Loud. Have a wonderful winter (or summer for our readers down south) and until next time, happy reading!

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