Five for Friday Winter Highlights for the Week

Welcome Friday...and a long weekend!  What a crazy week it has been with a delayed start, mid year testing, and our first snow day!  It was quite a surprise since we had a 40% chance of precipitation and woke up to a wintery mix (and a car in our yard!).  Yep, it was slick outside, and someone misjudged how slick it was apparently.  I had to chuckle a little.  It reminded me of when I first began driving and didn't have a good handle on how to drive on ice.  My dad bailed me out several times, and sure and son came to get car several hours later.  I felt bad for the kid, especially when I realized I knew him.  He was probably so embarrassed. Life lesson.

Well, the big news for my blog this week is that I am having a giveaway with 13 amazing winter resources donated by some very talented teacher authors.  It just hit me too as I'm typing this that I just happened to hit 1300 Bloglovin followers, so perhaps it's a little mini milestone celebration too. Anway, I truly appreciate the bloggy friends I have made the past three year, and these resources are as fabulous as their donors. Lauren at The Sweetest thing makes fantastic Close Reading materials for social studies primarily, and her Winter Holidays set is perfect for the upper grades.  I love how she offers three different reading levels with each article which gives teachers the ability to include all readers.  

Many readers may be familiar with Nikki's big hit product, Take a Break.  It is a classroom management aide that helps children who need a little something different than typical classroom discipline. It's more of a problem solving approach to behavior.  The product Nikki sent me for the giveaway is perfect for beginning readers.  It includes vocab and ordinal numbers with a snowy theme, a Five Frosty Snowmen emergent reader, poetry, and fun activities to go with them.  Nikki and I got together recently, had lunch, and did some Christmas shopping when I was in her area of Virginia, and we've enjoyed helping each other since we're both teaching fourth graders this year.  

Item #3 was donated by Haley at Owls and Lessons, Etc.  It is a math set that helps children with word problems.  Haley is a fellow Virginia blogger teaching second grade in a neighboring county.  We got to meet up this summer at our blogger meet up which was so wonderful, like meeting your penpals. We trade ideas all the time, so imagine the chatter when we all got together. Eek!
Jessica is a bloggy friend from The Reading Crew, a Facebook group of reading specialists that we got together almost 2 years ago now.  Wow, I didn't realize it'd been that long.  Anyway, she is home with her little baby (who is just beautiful), and she was so excited to get her first product done since her little one was born. She did a fantastic job on it because teaching kids to infer is difficult. Her product reminded me of my reading from Comprehension Connections. Starting with concrete visuals for any skills is a great way to scaffold, and the photos she chose for the product work very well projected or as task cards.

The last donation came from my friend, Jennifer, from Stories and Songs in Second. We met each other about six months ago.  Jennifer has purchased a few of my book units, and when she started making things and opened her store, we joined up for a few blog hops.  Now, she's just started blogging with me over at Adventures in Literacy Land.  In fact, I believe she has a post in the works for Sunday, so be sure to check that out.  Her product is perfect for teaching context clues, antonyms, synonyms, and includes vocabulary kids can use for writing.  It's a very versatile set for vocabulary building.

So that closes out the donations from friends, but of course, I wanted to throw something in since it was being hosted on my blog. My winter book bundle is included too which has reading (chapter books, picture books, and reader's theater), fluency materials, comprehension resources, and writing resources).  Your kids will truly be busy all winter long with all of this.

So, what are you waiting for??  Hop in and enter!
If you have a winter freebie that's a favorite or one of your own, you are welcome to add it to the linky in [this post], and definitely check out the others that have been added.  There are so many great freeebies and wonderful posts to read for book ideas and more from Mrs. Beer's Language Arts Class, Kelly's Classroom, and from Confessions of a Teaching Junkie.

Have a great weekend, readers.  Mine has started out wonderfully...lunch with friends, shopping and a movie with my daughter, and later in the weekend, we'll be heading to Raleigh for time with our oldest Sunday (miss him).

For other Five for Friday posts, drop by Doodle Bugs Teaching to check out what's happening in Blogland.  Until next time, happy reading...

PS.  If you enter the giveaway above, be sure to add your email to the pinned post on my Facebook page [here] to be eligible for a Starbucks gift card ($10).


  1. Thanks for posting about the Giveaway. These products look fantastic.

    4th Grade Dynamic Duo

    1. I'm glad you entered. Facebook has been impossible this week. I tried sharing my Thematic Thursday post, and it got seen by maybe 100 people. Urgh! Heading over to visit your blog, Tracy. Love meeting new bloggy friends. Next week is Penguin week, so maybe you can link up??

  2. Thanks for sharing your contest! I hope I win!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. I love playing in the snow with my kids.


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