Engaging Students in Mitten Themed Literacy Activities

Celebrate winter with mitten themed fun. This post includes activities, ideas, and more. Freebies included.

Celebrate winter with a fun mitten theme. Imagine how excited your students will be with great mitten literature, craftivities, and more. Surprisingly, there are many mitten themed options to choose from. 

Favorite Books

Celebrate winter with mitten themed fun. This post includes activities, ideas, and more. Freebies included.When I began thinking out this theme, I immediately thought of a few mitten books I have used. My favorites have been the two versions of The Mitten of course. The most popular version is The Mitten by Jan Brett, but there is also the title by Alvin Tresselt. 

Besides The Mitten, I also love The Missing Mitten Mystery by Steven Kellogg. In fact, it is the inspiration of the partner script that I've developed for paired and guided reading. The Missing Mitten Mystery is a great choice for late second to fourth grades. It's about children playing outdoors in the snow and losing a mitten. Imagine that! In my house, mittens have a life of their own. I think at night they secretly grow wings and fly up the chimney, and have you noticed that you never find the match?? Truly, I do not know where they go. 

All of these books work well as mentor texts for writing. I love Jan Brett's description, and the details help the reader truly visualize the scenes. Children can imitate her writing with their own stories about mittens, winter play, or a beautiful walk in the woods.  
Other books that work well into the theme are The Mitten Tree by Candace Christiansen and One Mitten by Kristine George.

Other Reading Options

The Mystery of the Lost Mitten is a partner play for two voices. It includes before, during, and after reading activities. Close reading strategies are encouraged with it. Frosty's Magical Appearance is the sequel and is also available on Teachers Pay Teachers
Besides books, you and your students may enjoy the partner play I mentioned earlier.  It is set up to address fluency, but also works well as a Close Reading activity.  The question task cards can be copied for each pair of students to respond to or used as a guide for post reading discussion. This script includes prereading activities, a graphic organizer for during reading, and a post reading writing prompt where students can write their own Lost Mitten Mystery, a story summary, or another winter prompt of the teacher's choice.

If you're looking for a theme that is festive yet not "Christmas", how about mitten week? There are many mitten books to choose from. This unit comes in both PDF and full color digital for use with Google Slides TM. It's a great one to compare/contrast with The Hat too. Another option from my store during Mitten Week is my unit for The Mitten. It includes materials for various comprehension skills (summarizing, story elements, sequencing, and making comparisons), vocabulary building, writing prompts and a class project. I've been very fortunate to meet and get to know Leslie Goldhardt who enjoys making clip art.  She created a custom clip art set for me to use with this book.  I absolutely love her hedgehog and badger.  They look so cute! Check out the preview to the right. Notice that this unit is now available in both PDF and on Google Slides (in color). Your students can use them on their one-to-one devices for paperless work.

Arts, Crafts and Other Mitten Fun

Before I sign off, I thought I'd highlight a few of my favorite pins from Pinterest.  What did we do before Pinterest, right??  They are all pinned to my Mitten board, and you can find them easily by clicking the  board widget above. 

If you have resources readers need to know about, you can link them up directly (free only) or write up a blog post telling about them and your mitten themed ideas. This is a wonderful theme to explore throughout the winter, and I hope these ideas and resources will help you get started and make planning easier.

Favorite Pins

With a mitten week, you can easily include cross curricular activities. Be sure to check out the Pinterest board above for all kinds of ideas and lots of mitten fun!

Subscriber Freebie

To celebrate your favorite winter books, I created this Mitten Shaped Book Review. Have your students complete one about their favorite book, have them share it with a book talk, and then display them for all students to see. Just subscribe below, and this paid resources is yours. 

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Celebrate winter with mitten themed fun. This post includes activities, ideas, and more. Freebies included.


  1. Thanks for all the fun Mitten ideas! The Missing Mitten Mystery is one of my favorites!

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