Tech Tuesday: How to Make Blog Post Graphics

Happy Tuesday, readers! Today's post is dedicated to a group of young readers who are just getting started with blogging.  My blogging buddy, Michelle over at Big Time Literacy, is blogging with her fourth and fifth graders, and I thought both my students and hers could benefit by reading and seeing how blog post graphics can be made easily with Powerpoint.  Since the Techie Turtle Teacher hosts Tech Tips Tuesday, I thought why not link up and write my post.  So here we go...

Step 1-Set up your Powerpoint Page
The first step is to open a new file in Powerpoint.  Once open, you need to set up your page size. For the graphic above, I set the page size to 7 1/2 x 7 1/2.  Square graphics work well for pinning and for Instagram.  I find that square works well with blogger too even at the "extra large" size.  My page is too narrow for an extra wide graphic, so I have to keep an eye on that. This graphic was a full page graphic.  To set the dimensions of the page, you click on the design tab and pull down to custom.

Step 2-Select your background and graphic shape
For my graphic, I wanted to fill my page with a background "fabric", and I wanted to frame it.  I used two steps to do that.  First, while I was on the design tab, I selected "format background".  I chose to fill the background with a picture, and I selected the "fabric" from the folder I had my backgrounds in. Here is what that step looks like.
Then, I clicked on Apply to All.

Once the page color was chosen, I added a frame by clicking on insert shape and selecting the frame button.  I drug the toggle from top left to bottom right to make it the same size as the outside of my page.  Then, I grabbed the yellow toggle on the frame and shrunk the width of the frame.  You can recolor it any color you choose. Just go to Format shape border and fill with the appropriate colors.
Step 3-Add your clip art and words.
I just love the cute stick people I got from Scrappin Doodles, so I added them to the picture by clicking insert picture.  First I added in the frame, and then, I selected the stick girl.  I resized her to fit the space I had for her.  I also added in the cat, but I had to flip him first since he was looking right instead of left.

To add the text, you use a text box.  Fonts make a difference, and so does Word Art.  I selected a font that came with my Powerpoint software (Cooper Black) and one of the Word Art designs.  For Title pages and graphics, that add a nice touch.  Here is what the page looks like with the text box part.

Step 4-Final Step
The last step is to save your page as a jpeg or png file. To do that, you just Save As (choose your file name) and select a jpeg file type.  That's it.  Your page graphic is done.

Need just a small header and want it in a circle?  
No problem.  The steps are similar.  Simply start with the shape you want and fill it with the color or pattern you like.  Next add your graphics (by layering), and finally add your text.  Here is the step by step idea.

Once all of the layers are set, use Control A (Select All) and then right click and "Save as Picture".

That's it. Now, open up Powerpoint and play around.  If you still can't figure it out, you can try searching for a Youtube Tutorial.

Have a great Tech Tuesday, and be sure to come back Thursday for Thematic Thursday which will be focused on Thanksgiving.  For more Tech tips, check out Cheryl's post.


  1. Thank you for this tutorial - I'm learning something every day!

    1. Walk through it and see if it makes sense! You might not be thanking me later. ;-) Hoping it was easy enough to follow.

  2. So glad you linked up with us again! I love your tutorial. Such easy directions and the pictures are great!

    Techie Turtle Teacher

    1. I thought about trying to make a Youtube tutorial, but I wasn't sure how to do it. Hint, hint!!


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