A Sneak Peek at Thematic Thursday

Guess what this week's theme is? Animal Safari might be a good guess, but it is a bit broader than that. It is Animal Habitats week for Thematic Thursday, and there is so much to include that I thought I'd make my post a two part series.  

Today's post will focus on internet resources.  After all, it is nice to have all of your links in one place ready to go, right?  

For starters, you might begin at the website, Skyenimals-An Animal Website for Kids. It is filled with habitat information, student and class activities, animal research, video links, and printable resources.  I was amazed at all you could do with this site.  I especially love the ability to browse each habitat, discover the animals that would be found there, and research about them. My children enjoy researching especially animals.  I can see using this website to divide your class into habitats for a team project about each. (Grasslands,Tropical Forest, Ocean, Desert, Polar)

Once your students have explored Skyenimals' habitat information, the next step is to get into specifics on the animals.  National Geographic Explorer has been around a very long time, and the beauty of the website is the amazing photography.  How they capture the pictures they do really boggles my mind.  Here's a glimpse of the home page.  There is so much information students can find and a long list of animal options. They just check the type of animals they are interested in finding, the habitat they belong to, and follow the prompts.  
During center time, your students can explore a few of these interactive websites.  I love that they are all on one page and ready for the teacher.  Just click the image below to check them out. There are lots of options, and I can see them working very well with Ipads.

Do you teach animal adaptations too?  Preditor/Prey Relationships? This Youtube channel has it all. Each video clip is about 22 minutes long, and they are very kid friendly.  There are about 50 different clips, so you are sure to find ones that match your standards.  Plus, the children may just visit them at home for more great learning.

I believe that is about it for today.  If you are interested in linking up with me to share some of the great things you do for Animal Habitats, I would love it.  Here is this week's theme planner if you'd like to use it, however, it isn't required.  I'd just like resources to be together for easier planning (and I know our readers like that too.)  If you are not blogging (yet??), feel free to share your favorite links, activities, book choices, etc in the comments below. I know other readers will appreciate it. Links can also be added through the linky tool tomorrow.  

Have a great night readers, and come back tomorrow for more.  (Please)  

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