Take a Tour of Your State Geography Projects

Hands on projects mean lots of fun for your students. Imagine using this idea for your favorite picture book, favorite science topic, or your favorite point in history. The possibilities are nearly unlimited! All you need are tissue boxes, two pencils, and cardboard for the wheels. Check out the details below...

The Assignment

Last week, my teammate in fourth grade had our fourth grade students bring in their end of unit projects for social studies, and I was thoroughly impressed with how they turned out. I just had to share her idea with my readers even though they were not "literacy" projects.  I think the concept could be easily modified to "Books on Parade" or "A Parade of Science Fun".  Of course, each child was required to research the tourist sight that they selected which brings in reading and writing skills which I love.

Display Day

The children were just bubbling with enthusiasm about their projects on display day, and each was asked to make a presentation about their tourism site. They make the visual model of it using a tissue box as the base of the "float" with wheels of their choosing as I mentioned. They were also required to create a one page report about it, and that's where they used their research in formation.
Check them out and feel free to take the idea and give it your personal flare. If you're from Virginia, do you recognize these locations?  If you're not from Virginia, you might add these places on your list of places to visit.
If you have creative ways for students to show their learning, I would LOVE to hear them.  We're getting ready for our annual Book Fair for National Education Week, and I can't wait to see how book projects turn out. Both the book projects and tourism projects will be on display. 

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