National Candy Corn Day...How fun!

I just saw the cutest post by Jungle Learners celebrating National Candy Corn Day.  Who knew there was such a thing?  I figured why not highlight it on my blog too.  After all, Mel from Graphics from the Pond has an adorable candy corn set that I've been wanting to use anyway.

So just how can you celebrate National Candy Corn day?  Well, how about these cute pins and freebies.  We all love them don't we?

Candy Corn ContractionsFirst up is Candy Corn Contractions from Chalk One Up for the Teacher.  It is perfect for center time or in teams during guided practice. Check it out for free!

Candy Corn Math Craft for Related Facts and Number ModelsNext on my list is great freebie for math since we can't do all literacy related activities.  This is from Diary of a First Grade Teacher.

Candy Corn Place Value CardsOr this from Mrs. Heather.  I think it'd be a great math center. 

Candy Corn Synthesizing Story Map FREE
Now we're ready for a little reading fun.  How about this freebie from A Modern Teacher.  You can use it with any book, but I'll leave you with a few suggestions shortly.

Candy Corn Making Words: A Small Group ActivityFor young readers, I like this making words freebie.  Fun!

Candy Corn Opinion Writing
To complete the language arts block, you have to add in a little writing.  How about teaching your students how to write opinion papers with this neat activity from Teaching with Passion.  (We're working on these now, so I know my students would enjoy it.) 

Now what would you like to read with your students??  Here are a few recommended books to add to your collection for the day.


Since I can't find any science or social studies related activities, you will have to make time for art and cooking.  Here are a few fun pins to try out.
Halloween candy corn cake - beautifully decorated with candy corn, even the cake layers are candy corn colors! Candy Corn Popcorn Balls - Perfect for Halloween & just 6 ingredients. #Halloween 25 Candy Corn Crafts at #candycorn #Halloween

I will leave you with two funnies to enjoy. The second might be one you hear at school, but we hope not. :-)


Now...go out and eat some candy corn to celebrate!  


  1. How SWEET of you to put this collection together! Love it!
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. What a great post! Thanks for the shout out too! I have a stash of Candy Corn ready to be eaten throughout the next week (or maybe it will only last a couple of days, shhh!) Haha. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas! :)

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