Mentor Monday-Books that Teach Perseverance

I always enjoy linking up with The Reading Tutor/OG for Mentor Monday.  It gives me an opportunity to reflect on book options and ways to use them in future lessons.  Today's topic is perseverance, and I have two favorite books to use that demonstrate well the need to stick with a task, even when it is hard, and I bet my readers will be nodding their heads in agreement with my choices. 

The first choice for me is Thank You Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco.  In fact, I think many of her books include themes of perseverance.  I start with this book every year, and my favorite scene is when her grandfather pours the honey on the book to show the sweetness of reading.  I've thought about doing that in class many times, but I treasure my library so much that I hate the thought of ruining the books. When I share it, I swear, I look a little like this by the end. Anyone else?  
How to Practice “Love and Logic” Parenting, Part 2: Teaching Kids to Listen… the First Time | Our Holistic Journey
Read Aloud Tip #1-Have tissues handy.
The thing about this book that gets to me is the image of Patricia actually living through years of heartache and no one noticing.  I think it's honestly a book that has motivated me to be the teacher I am today.  I just can't bear the thought of a child leaving my class with reading issues going unnoticed.  (so I'm off the topic of perseverance a bit there...sorry).  Anyway, children who struggle need to realize they are not alone and that through hard work and focused assistance, they are not destined to a life of poor reading.

The second book I just love is Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman.  The book has a black female named Grace as the main character, and Grace has grown up spending most of her life in dramatic play.  She shoots up her hand when her class is getting ready to assign roles for Peter Pan, and Grace wants to be Peter.  Naturally, there are some who believe she has no place in the cast much less in the lead because A: She's a girl.  AND B: She is black.  She has moments when she fails to believe in herself, but when this happens, her grandmother, who has been her mentor for a long, long time, calls her on it.  She pushes her to believe in herself and work harder to earn the role.  There are so many life lessons in this one, and it is a must teach in third to fourth grades.

With this month being Breast Cancer Awareness, I am donating all proceeds for Amazing Grace sales to the Breast Cancer Society in honor of four amazing women in my life who have persevered through treatment.  Here is a glimpse of this unit if you're interested.
$4.00-All Proceeds Go to Breast Cancer Society
What are your favorite books for teaching perseverance?  Share them in the comments below, or better up with Emily.  I'm sure she'd love it.

Happy Monday and have a great week!  Come back Thursday (or before) for this week's Thematic Thursday.  We'll be focusing on the Human Body, Skeletons, and Ghosts. 


  1. These are 2 of my favorite books, too!! Thank You, Mr. Falker makes me cry every time I read it!! Thanks for sharing!! I'll have to remember to get both of these out again!

    1. They are so good for the kids to hear, and they work well for mentor text lessons too. Thanks for commenting!


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