Comprehension Connections Sunday Scoop

Welcome to The Sunday Scoop!  I am linking up with The Teaching Trio to share a little scoop on my week.  It is going to be a busy, busy week, but once I get to Friday, I get to spend 2 glorious days away with my hubby.  I know there will be long days ahead this week, but one day at a time, right??

If you have not had an opportunity to hop through the Virginia Blogger hop, be sure to start [here] and enter my giveaway for these Partner Scrip sets.  Each partner play includes a set of 12 question cards specific to the script, a vocabulary page, and a post reading comprehension page.  If you don't win, they are just $2.00 each.  

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the fall colors.


  1. Your weekend away with hubby sounds dreamy--hope you both have a wonderful time!

  2. Hope you and your hubby have a great time as well! I am so with you on that pedicure. I meant to schedule one during my fall break a week ago! Hah maybe one of these days..

  3. Ahh...thanks guys! We never really got to celebrate our anniversary back in August, so this will be nice. So looking forward to time away. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.


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