Sunday Night Letters

Well, today is BTSS, and what does BTSS stand for?  I expect you've figured it out by now.  It is Back to School Sunday.  The day before the children arrive and the day I probably won't sleep much.  Every year, I get the back to school jitters.  Do you?

Today's post is a link up with my blogging buddy, Michelle at Big Time Literacy who has asked bloggers to write their thoughts for the week in letters.  Maybe my letters will help work out some of my jitters.  I'll be back tomorrow to report.  Until's a piece of my mind.

Dear Colleagues,
I hope you have enjoyed the weekend and haven't spent every moment fretting about tomorrow. It will be what it will be, and if things don't go as planned, the important thing is connecting with the children.  I know you will be exhausted at the end of the day, and your feet will hurt, but that first day is such an exciting time for the busy little people who will go through life reflecting about their time with us.  I hope you get good rest tonight, and that this year goes down as one of the most rewarding of your life.  Do your best, love the children, and make this year lots of fun.
Best wishes,
Your Reading Buddy

Dear Daughter of Mine,
I love you so much, and I worry deeply about the challenges you live with daily.  I hope that your teachers will love you as I do, and I hope they are filled with patience and energy.  I hope they see your bright funny side and the potential inside of you.  I hope that you will value your teacher too and make your best effort to please him and her by giving your best with your work, being a friend to others, and by listening well in class.  I worry about what is ahead for you, but I must trust and have faith supporting you as much as I can.  You are excited about the new year, and I will do my best to keep it that way.  Have a great day tomorrow, sweetheart.

Dear Son of Mine,
I miss you terribly.  I hope that your first year of college is filled with the fun of being on your own, making new friends, and building memories with them, but I also hope that you *go to class* daily! Remember why you are in college all the time.  :-)  Your smile and positive energy is definitely missing, but the joy and excitement I feel for your future is really great.  We have been by your side for 18 years, and I feel very good about the man you have become.  We are so proud of you.

Dear Yummy Cake in the Teacher's Lounge (or whatever yummy treats that get brought in),
I am going to keep you out of my mind this year.  I am going to focus on making a healthy me.  I have weight to lose, and you will not be allowed.  You are officially my enemy, and I will work hard to keep you out of my life (at least til Christmas).  I hope you understand.
The Carbohydrate Junkie

Dear Laptop,
We've become such good friends, but I may need to let you get some much needed rest.  I will visit you daily of course, but I think I am going to need to limit my time with you.  My dear husband is getting jealous, and you know how important he is.  We can have extra time together when he travels for work which happens to be Tuesday, so can you wait til then?  I know you won't mind the break.  Thanks my friend!
The Technology Addicted

Dear Sweet Joe,
What a gem you are!  I am so lucky to have found you, and our children are lucky to have you as their dad.  Your quiet, thoughtful ways and even temperament help balance the energy in our home.  You keep things fun and funny.  Thank you for being you.

Dear Students,
I hope that I will be the teacher that you need this year.  I promise to fill your heart with a love of literature this year, prepare you and guide you in tackling the challenges of your grade, and most of all, I promise to be available to you when you need a listening ear.  I will give my best to you each day to ensure that the day is a positive learning experience for you.  You have the potential to be anything you like, and I am determined to help you reach it.  Have a wonderful year, and I'll see you in the morning.
Mrs. F.

Anyone else up for writing letters?  I feel so much better now, and I know this is going to be an amazing year.

Until next time, have a wonderful year and happy reading!


  1. Dear Carla,
    Although you don't know me, I am one of your loyal blog followers. Thank you so much for this post (and for all the others!) that has inspired me to write my own letters. I completely relate to your back-to-school jitters... especially since I'm beginning this school year at a new school. I know that writing down my thoughts will help calm my nerves. Thank you for sharing yours!
    Kind regards,
    One Lucky Teacher

  2. Dear Carla,
    Your letters brought tears to my eyes and a smile on my face. I start with students Tuesday and as of right now there is not one piece of paper on my classroom walls. I traveled the week before last and came back for one day of staff development last week. I ended up ill from something out of my control and still am not 100%, but I am trudging on.. because you know what.. you are RIGHT! Not everything has to be ready or perfect.. what matters is that I am ready for my new 5th graders and will have an amazing day with them building our classroom walls together!! Thank you for sharing your life with me. I, too , have a son away at college... all the way in East Texas.. a far cry from Southern California.. We will persevere, friend. I wish you the best start tomorrow ever!!!



  3. Hey Carla! Such thoughtful letters - and I'm sure it did help with the jitters....writing always helps me like that! I hope you have a fab year...and I totally hear you on the treats in the enemy, too!
    I fixed the linky, so link up with me! I'll post another new edition of Letters the coming sunday (planning to do the letters every other week, but I'll keep the linkys open for the whole two weeks from now on!)
    Glad you're joining in! :-)

  4. Great letters, Carla! I can relate to many of them, especially the letter about your husband getting jealous over technology- LOL. Now that I'm a "blogger", my husband often wonders where I'm hiding out with my computer. ;) Have a great week!
    Literacy Loving Gals

    1. Seriously! I get up early to be able to blog or make things. I just love it, but I know it frustrates him if we're hanging out. Glad I'm not the only closet blogger.


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