Sunday Morning Letters

Happy LONG weekend readers!  How nice to not be scrambling to get lesson plans done today! We get to ease into things.  Even so, I am heading into my school today to just lazily organize things in the peace and quiet.  I think I'll grab some music to play while I work.  Before I head off to get ready, I thought I'd link up with my friend Michelle at Big Time Literacy.  She started this great linky to help bloggers become reflective practitioners.  As the year goes, I'll try to include thoughts on the week too.  Today, we'll see where my letters go.  They are just coming off the top of my head. :-)

Dear Molly,
You are the cutest dog, but you need to start behaving.  Your daddy isn't crazy about you like Catherine and I are.  He gets frustrated when you sneak things out of the pantry and get on the furniture.  You know you aren't supposed to do those things because we can see your guilty expression when you get caught.  I think we'll need to be a little more strict with you, so I hope you will learn.  Even so, you are loved my furry friend, and we look forward to great walks this week.

Dear Sweet Catherine,
You are driving me crazy with your messiness, but you teach me at the same time.  I love your creativity and endless energy, but it tires me out sometimes.  I guess if people visit, they will understand all of your work in progress.  You have taught me to never judge messy houses that's for sure!  You remind me often of this saying:
I'm so glad you had a great first week of school, and I am so thankful you have teachers who recognize you are a student who loves to learn and wants to achieve.  I am so happy that you're loving your book, Sounder.  I hope you have tissues for the sad parts.  Have a great week, my dear.

Dear Sam,
It makes me so happy to hear your voice and know you are having fun.  Your text messages mean a lot, and I look forward to quick notes even if they are short.  I can't wait for Parent's Weekend.  We are going to have so much fun with you.  The house is not the same with you gone, but I am happy knowing you are happy.

Dear  Students,
Only a few more days until I get to meet you!  I can not wait for you to find your home in my classroom this year, and I am filled with energy and excitement that I get more freedom to choose your curriculum this year.  It will be nice to weave in time to build a love for reading and share some of my favorites with you this year.  I hope you'll be inspired by Patricia Polacco, Gary Paulsen, Cynthia Rylant, Pam Munoz Ryan, and Kate DiCamillo.  I can't wait to see which authors you love. Perhaps I'll get to add a few new ones to my list too.  You have struggles with reading, and I promise to help you work those out.  I'm looking forward to helping you be the best you you can be.
Your teacher

Dear Readers,
Thank you for being interested in what I share on my blog.  I am humbled all the time, and I enjoy connecting with you.  When I started this blog, I had visions of how I wanted it to be.  It's not there yet, but I'm trying to improve it.  I am working on adding activities to my page links.  If you would like to share something that you think others would appreciate, feel free to email it to me.  I am adding activities to the Word Study page first, but eventually, I'll add to the others.  I think that will make the pages much more useful for me and you.  If you love working with themes, be sure to come by Thursday to check out the posts about Space, and if you have themes you need help with, please let me know. Now, it's time for me to close. Have a fantastic week!

Anyone else up for writing letters?  Just grab the blog post header and do it!  Then, link up with Michelle.

Until next time, have a wonderful week and happy reading!


  1. I can relate to all your letters. I especially love the letter to your precious pup. Our dog recently moved to a new home because we are not home enough to care for him right now. He loved the trash, and specifically he loved used facial tissues. Yum, yum.

  2. Great letters, Carla! Your blog is already fantastic, but it sounds as if you're going to make it even more amazing. Kudos to you! I'm a fan of the authors you mentioned in the letter to your students, especially Patricia Polacco. She often brings me to tears with her stories. ;) Happy holiday weekend!
    Literacy Loving Gals

  3. Oh, the anticipation of meeting students! Good luck and have a great year!!

  4. I love this kinky. I hope your little quote is true bc I have all those things.


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