Two Reading Products for Tuesday

Well, it's Two for Tuesday at The Teaching Tribune, and I've chosen my poetry sets as the products to link up.  Each poem is an original that I've written.  I used a few of them this summer with my summer reading camp kids, and they really loved them.  They come with clip art and with line art so that they can be projected for teacher modeling (color) and printed for the students to color.  The kids love that part.  

So, just what can you do with the poems?  With my groups, I use slash marks to mark phrases as I introduce the poems to the students.  You can also highlight in two colors (alternating lines) to make a partner poem where children take turns reading (like Reader's Theater).  If you are working on sightwords, you can have the kids circle, underline, or highlight them (I Spy Style).  Finally, for Word Study, students can locate words that follow the spelling patterns of the week.
$2.00 for Today

The second item I am choosing are my Comprehension Workmats. These can be mounted on construction paper, laminated, and bound with comb bindings to create a quick center activities or materials for guided reading.  You can also slide them into sheet protectors to use with dry erase pens for repeated use as well, or just copy for independent work and assessment.
$3.00 for Today
Hope it's a beautiful day where you are, and thanks for reading!

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