DIY Clip Board Charts

Well, this afternoon was quiet, so I pulled out a project I started last week.  I am taking clipboards from the Dollar Tree, dressing them up for my kids to use (and for myself), and using two of them to make a mini anchor chart stand for my guided reading table like this one shown and for the associate that works with me during guided reading time.


Glue a bookend to the back of a clipboard to display Center Directions!!
I really liked this idea for creating "mini anchor charts" that you can use with your workstations, but I wanted to dress up the clipboards to go with my classroom theme.


The first step of course is to gather the supplies. For my version, I used the clipboards, craft paper cut to size, and mod podge,  I adhered the paper to both sides and painted over them to seal it in. I did one with mod podge, and the other with clear coat sealer.  I like the clear coat version better.

Once completely dry, I sprayed them to give the glossy finish.  Then, I hot glued an easel stand to the back of each clipboard to make it stand up.  The one pictured above is on a bookend.  I think either would work fine. I just happened to see the easel at the Dollar Tree too.  Here is what two of them look like.  I have 10 more to go!  

Other Ideas I'm Planning:

I am looking forward to making these two things yet in the coming weeks. Walmart carries the chalkboards, ribbon, and clothes pins, so I'll tackle it first. 

No Name Board- This is a great way to display no-name papers so that all the kids can see them. This would also teach students responsibility with making sure their work is turned in with their name on it. -JN DIY giant floor pillows.. great for classroom reading areas :)

One thing about DIY projects is that they're calming especially when it's a hot day and you need something different to do inside. 


  1. I need to find something similar to those stands so I can do this - it's just what I need in my classroom!
    Growing Little Learners

  2. I covered all my clipboards last summer and they are peeeeling so badly! (Could be the 12 boys I had this year....hmmmm) Definitely going to re-cover them this year. I'm going to try your clear coat ideas and see if it stays better. Love the mini-stands idea - I could use them to put on tables for kids who need to see things close up (rather than on the smartboard, etc). ~ Lisa


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