Five Reading Camp Highlights for Friday

Week two of Summer Reading Camp is complete, and I believe I am now a bat and bird expert.  Yep, go ahead.  Send me your questions, and I am sure to know the answer. :-)  And...the kids had a blast. So what was their favorite project?  I believe it was the awesome trifold project they did as a group for bats.  They LOVED Gail Gibbons' Bats book and Zip, Zap, Zooming Bats which were both filled with fantastic information for our research.

Cartoon Number OneWe started the week off with a study of birds.  We explored penguins and owls in particular. Each child picked a different fictional bird book for independent reading and wrote about it.  We also completed research books too.   

Cartoon Number TwoTo work on nonfiction text features and questioning, we used the National Geographic Penguins book.

Cartoon Number ThreeWe read, researched, and wrote about bats next.  We continued talking about the importance of questioning during our reading and identifying the important information we learn and want to remember with close reading practices. I loved the researching unit I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, and we decided to make it a full displayboard.  The kids loved finding information in our books and typing up their responses. The final project is at the bottom of the photo page I did.

Cartoon Number FourThe children read a variety of books including question/answer books, nonfiction, classics like Stellaluna, some new titles from Brian Lies (Bats at the Beach and Bats at the Ballgame), Bat's Big Game, and Bat Jamboree. Owl Babies, and of course, Tacky the Penguin.

Cartoon Number FiveIn the end, we were able to make comparisons between birds and bats.  We did the Venn diagram together, and students completed a more detailed project independently.  We also worked on fluency with a really fun reader's theatre.  (Kids love them so much, and as we practiced, I was amused by the fact that they were willing to read it twice.

If you are planning a birds and bats week and would enjoy some of these activities, you can find all the links to what we did in my post from Monday [here]

Stay tuned for more reading camp highlights as we finish up next week.  Our final theme is weather, and we should have lots of fun.

Enjoy your weekend, and until next time, happy reading!


  1. Carla,
    I saw some of my first graders favorite books in your post! What fun activities for your summer program!

    So glad we met this week!

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  2. I love researching bats! There is a book (now out of print) called The Greatest Ball Game, and it's all about bats trying to find their place between the birds and the beasts. Lots of fun!

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