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I know it seems like those words Back to School should be outlawed, but alas, we are teachers, and we have a mission to make learning fun.  Today, I am linking up with Cara Taylor over at Cara's Creative Playground for Blogger Product Swap, and I was lucky to be matched up with another blogging buddy, Mynda Rivera at B is for Bilingual to review her adorable Back to School writing project.  Here is a preview collage of the second grade English set.  

This product includes several teaching options.  Students can make a Bus Shape Book that includes all of the important information for the first day...bus number, who I met first, my favorite part of the day, a first day book review, and information like this.  What a wonderful keepsake to compare to the end of the year too!  Here is a close up of the Bus book. Again...each piece comes in both English and Spanish.  
If you are a teacher who prefers a little less cutting and pasting, Mynda has also created memory book pages that could be simply bound in a 12 x 18 construction paper cover too.  These pages allow enough room for the child to write a few sentences in the blocks, or for K-1 students, there is adequate space for drawing and labeling too.  Here's a sample page from one of the second grade pages.
Finally, Mynda has included a few pages for expanded writing and photographs.  I can see taking a photo of each child or a class photo on the first day for the first page and having the kids write in more detail on page 2.
If you are interested in this product for your classroom, you can see a more thorough product description by clicking on the preview collage below.  I know I can't wait to use the kindergarten version with my new friends at the start of the year, and I hope you'll jump over and check it and other products Mynda has available at B is for Bilingual.  
Before you go, here is a preview of the product that Mynda is reviewing on her blog.  You can win a copy of both or purchase them at a discounted price.  Just click the preview above to access Mynda's file in her store or the preview I have below for my product, Concept of Word Poems.  My Concept of Word poems are on sale this weekend for $5.00 (30% off) through Sunday.  (just in case you don't win).  Good luck in the Raffle, and be sure to check out the many wonderful products for Back to School listed on each blog below.
The rafflecopter will be running Thursday through Saturday, and the winner will be announced early Sunday morning.  Good luck to you!

Have a great year!


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