Worksheet Wednesday

It's Worksheet Wednesday with The Teaching Tribune, and when I read it was ELA, I had to get a post written up.  I am not a worksheet girl when your talking skill and drill, but I love a great graphic organizer.  I love getting my students thinking and writing about their thinking.  Graphic organizers work so well for that as do foldables and interactive notebooks.  

Over the past year, our school division adopted Harcourt Journeys, and like many teachers, there are elements I love and parts I don't.  Maybe it's picky, but I thought the graphic organizers were just too plain jane, so I came up with a few of my own to replace those in our kits.  They are uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store as freebies, and my readers sure are welcome to grab the ones you like.  Just click on the image in the post which is linked to the file.  

Have a great day, and for other great freebies, click on the The Teaching Tribune image at the top of the page.


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    1. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you see a few you like or can use. :-)

  2. What awesome freebies - and so comprehensive! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! I am printing them all and storing them in my Reading Comprehension binder as we speak...err, type :)

    Joy in the Journey

    1. I did these throughout the year, so there's nothing new. I just uploaded the links in one place to make it easier. Thanks Jessica, and I really hope they come in handy! BTW...I LOVE your blog and visit often too. :-)

  3. These are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing all of them!

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