Two for Tuesday
Well, it's Two for Tuesday at The Teaching Tribune, and I figured why not link up too.  I just finished my third poetry set this week along with my crafty projects for the The Crafty Teacher Blog Hop.  You can hop through that yet if you're a craft lover too.  

So which products should be marked 50% off for the next 24 hours??  I think it will be my Poetry set for Winter.  After all, some of us in this world are experiencing winter instead of summer and can use these poems right now!  Others of us are not thinking of winter one bit (that's me!...aside from poetry writing of course!)  Still, now is the time we can plan ahead for the days when we do not want to be planning. Yes, we all have those.  Here is the preview of the set.  Each poem comes with blackline images and in color.  I like the color for projecting and modeling, but you may prefer black/white for printing.
Click the image to purchase this set for $2.00
The second item I am choosing are my Reading Anchor Chart set.  This set has worked very well for before reading mini lessons and interactive notebooks.  I made them last summer I think, and they're one of my best sellers.  I love to have my students use selective highlighting and notetaking on the handouts to mark the important points to remember.  The nice thing about these is that there isn't a lot of time spent cutting and pasting in the notebooks.  I love interactive notebooks and so do my students, but there are times when we have less time and need the mini lesson to be quick and effective.
You can purchase this item for $2.50 by clicking the image above.
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  1. My favorite classroom craft pin is the Andy Warhol-inspired paintings we do for MLK Day. :)

  2. I love the sunflower house! It's one of my favorite flowers and we do this near the end of school so this is great. I always like to combine writing and crafts. I think it really gives young children's writing more meaning to them.

    1. Oh didn't need to share one of my pins. Thanks though!

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