Throwback Thursday

The crew at The Teaching Tribune have thrown together another fun linky, Throwback Thursday.  We're supposed to flash back to where we got our start in teaching, so here you go.  I hope you don't fall asleep reading this!

This Virginia teacher is really an Iowa girl.  Back in 1989, I had American Literature with Mrs. Raine at Humboldt High School.  Well, Mrs. Raine was a caring teacher who reached out to the students and *tried* to get them to like the classics.  I will be honest.  I wasn't one to rip through the latest novel, and sadly, I am not sure she was successful with me.  However, when I came down with the chicken pox as a senior and was very, very sick, she went out of her way to check on me and help me.

It all started in her class after all, and on my shoulders no less. I could not stop scratching.  Finally, I was going out of my mind and wandered to her desk.  Her words, "Honey, you don't have a bug bite.  You have chicken pox!"  Well, she got me to the nurse, but eventually, I ended up in the hospital...first case in many, many years!  

I suppose the teacher seeds were planted there with the connections we made, and even after Mrs. Raine retired, I sort of kept in touch through my mom.  Here is a picture of my high school and of me at the time.  I actually found a picture of Mrs. Raine in my last yearbook too. I am sure she'd be thrilled that I'm sharing it on my blog...not!  I do think she'd be happy to know though that her kindness and rapport with her students was remembered, and as I reflect on my own teaching, I see the importance of connecting with my students.  It is so important to know their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and most definitely, their sensitivities and learning styles.   
Humboldt High School has a solid reputation, and although my class size was small, I feel like I had a great experience there.  It amazes me how things have changed and what all is available to our students that we didn't have.  To be a student now would be *so* different!  After all, we had no internet or computers! Can you imagine?? (Yes, I'm old...don't rub it in!)
Although course offerings have improved and practices have changed, great teachers are always great teachers. Tomorrow, I'm going to find out the grades I'm working with next year, and I'm actually fine with whatever my principal needs.  Each grade level offers excitement if we as teachers can remain flexible to see the change as a new adventure.  Who else is facing a change in grade level?  If we can reach out to our blogging friends for ideas, the change will be a breeze.  

Until next time, happy reading!

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