Memorial Weekend Blog Hop

Welcome to stop #2 on the Memorial Day Hop!  I hope you're enjoying the opening of pools, picnics, and time with family this weekend.  Memorial day kicks off the summer vacation for many, but it's important to remember why it's a holiday weekend and express our gratitude to the men and women of our military who put themselves in harm's way to preserve our freedom and the freedom's of others and to the families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  I thank you for your dedication to our country and for the men and women on active duty, I pray for your safety.

For this weekend's hop, I am sharing a collection of poems I've written.  I've chosen topics that would work well for summer tutoring sessions and the start of school, as well as fall themes.  The file includes enough poems to last through the first quarter if you use one per week. I am thinking the poems would work best for grades 2-3 as there are long vowel spelling patterns and a few multi-syllabic words as well.  Here is a glimpse of the collection.

Click to access the file on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Feedback appreciated.

When using the poetry with your class, you might try using two colors of highlighters to mark the phrases for each line as well as the punctuation.  This helps students work on reading in phrases with poetry as well as in other passages.  Here's a glimpse of what I had in mind.

Another option with poetry is to use the poems to work on automatic word recognition.  You can do a highlighter hunt or box/circle words by spelling pattern, sightwords you call, words that rhyme with another word, or even parts of speech (thank you Melissa Michael for that idea). In my example, I've marked sightwords.  Marking text in this way encourages students to analyze, a higher level thinking strategy.

Finally, I have my students mark punctuation to focus their attention on the "stopping/pausing" points.  Students often fail to observe punctuation, so by highlighting it, we may draw their attention to this detail.  If a student overlooks word endings, this may also be a helpful strategy to try.

Whether you're trying these ideas or your own, I hope the poems will be enjoyed by your students and kept in a binder for the end of the year as a keepsake.  I know that's what I plan to do. 

Before you move on, I have one other item to share and that is a Rafflecopter.  Over the past few weeks, I've reached a big milestone with Teachers Pay Teachers with sales and fans (1000), closed in on 5000 Fans on Facebook, and my blog now has over 1000 fans total, and the funny thing is...I never thought that would happen! The most exciting part of this whole experience is exchanging ideas with fellow teachers and growing my "tool box" of ideas too.  For this giveaway, I'm going to select two winners for a $10 Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Certificate.  Good luck to you, and I hope that you will return in the future for more great blogging fun!

Now, Stacy is up next at Teacher's Take-Out.  I'm sure she has something special waiting for you. 
 Enjoy the hop and come back soon.

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