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Photo Captions
Getting kids to think creatively builds skills in both reading and writing.  For some students, visualizing, a skill many kids just do automatically, is a difficult thing.  Students also need work on improving word choice to include more descriptive language and vivid verbs.  They don't automatically make pictures in their mind or come up with the best word options, and by accident, I have discovered a fun way to help students with these. It's with photo captions. In fact, I do not think my students will even think of it as a "lesson."  I think they'd consider this a game.  

Last week, I posted this picture to my Facebook page.  I asked my fans to infer what was going on and create a caption that goes with the picture.  I also asked them to vote on their favorites.  Who knew it would be so fun and engaging.  I had 30 plus captions listed.  Imagine if your students had the chance to do it.  I think they'd really enjoy it, and I think it would work really well in cooperative groups.  From the picture above, I got..."Are You my mother?", "What does the cat say?....Din, Din, Din, Dinner!" and many more.  You can check them out [here]

I decided to repeat the caption contest for a book unit prize.  Responses and voting will run through Wednesday at 8:00 PM.  Give it a try with your class and vote on their favorite.  You never fans might just pick yours as the winner.  (and you'll build visualizing and writing skills in the process!)  [Here] is the link to the Facebook post.  Let's see what you can do with this picture.
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