Exploring Wandoo Planet

Wandoo Planet is a site intended to help children match their reading preferences to their interests. It is currently at the Beta level, so as more students use it, the library recommendations will grow. The site is targeting ages 6-10 and is free. 

Here is video clip describing how the program got started.

The program starts out with a movie clip explaining how Wandoo Planet is in trouble and needs the reader's help. The reader helps Scout the Squirrel grow trees by selecting things they love which adds leaves to the trees.  

Eventually, the student grows a tree and gradually the tree adds leaves with the student's interests and shares suggestions that go with them.  

As the interests are refined, the book list is tailored to match the reader, and as the reader completes the books, additional related titles or genres are provided.  

As I observed the presenter using it, I got the impression that it would be best for students in grades 2 through 4 who have some reading skills under their belts.  Younger students could use it with support.  It does NOT have audio with it, so the interest labels would have to be read by the child. Even so, I think it'd be a great tool to help our students find just right books to prepare them for library checkout or to help the teacher assist them with book choices in the classroom.  Check it out and see what you think.