Sunshine Award

Well, it's not exactly sunny in Virginia, but this surprise sure warmed things up!  Kristen Dembroski has nominated my blog for the Sunshine Award.  Kristen chose my blog because she felt that it "inspires or brings sunshine to one's day".  I truly appreciate this kind gesture, and I definitely want to pick a few that I enjoy too. Here is how it works.
Now the first step is to share random facts about me, and this is not that easy.  I am honestly a no-frills kind of gal, so the facts I'll share aren't too earth shattering.  You might choose to skip right over them. :-)

  • I love traveling, and before we finish one trip, it is not unusual for me to be thinking of where to go next.
  • My mother is an amazing seamstress, and she made me learn to sew.  I really didn't enjoy it much, but I'm glad I know how.
  • I have been teaching for 23 years, and I really, really want to go back for a PhD, but my oldest heads to college, and it's his turn.
  • My husband and I are approaching our 25th anniversary in a year.  
  • One of my favorite childhood memories is snowmobiling with my family in much fun!
  • I play in a handbell choir at our church ( but I'm not very good)
  • I love to do DIY projects when my husbands away.
  • My favorite moment in teaching came when I got to meet Gary Paulsen.  He's one of my top children's authors, and I appreciate his efforts to bring books to boys.
  • I just finished reading The Book Whisperer, and I'm looking forward to hearing Donalyn Miller speak this week at our conference.
  • I love watching movies.  My favorite...Mr. Holland's Opus....all I can say is wow.  What a wonderful teacher!
  • I enjoy cooking when I have the time.  My favorite things to make are appetizers, and I love entertaining too.

1. If you weren’t in the field of Education, which other job would you pursue?

In my next life, I will probably be a realtor.  I LOVE looking at houses....just not moving.
2. What is your dream vacation?
I would choose a week in Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, or New Zealand...all kids!
3. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
Novel: The Help 
Teaching book: The Book Whisperer (just finished!)
4. What is the most dangerous or bravest thing you’ve ever done?
Hmm....I really can not think of an answer to this.
5. If you had an extra $1,000, how would you spend it?
Easy...home improvement project (kitchen...wouldn't go far!)
6. Rank these in order of importance: sleep, food, friends, technology, exercise
Food (for survival), Friends, Sleep, Technology, Exercise (but working to move this up on the list.)
7. If you could time travel, which date would you visit?
I would travel back to 1990 when my husband and I were married.  I would have traveled more before we had kids.  I'd enjoy doing it over again (feeling sad that my oldest will be leaving for college)
8. What is the farthest you’ve ever been away from home?
Mexico or California ??
9. Describe yourself using only 3 words.
Caring, Helpful, and Curious
10. What do you miss most about being a kid?
I enjoyed time with my sister and miss having her nearby.  I loved traveling with my family, and I think that's why I love it now.
11. What would be the hardest for you to give up for a month?
My computer!

I am so pleased to share some of my favorite bloggers with you...
  • Emily from The Reading Tutor/OG is a positive leader in the area of dyslexia.  She is passionate about helping increase awareness in the area of dyslexia, and I love her Mentor Monday Linky.
  • Lauren from Teacher Mom of Three is a very knowledgeable literacy coach and reading specialist.  I have really enjoyed reading her blog and learning from her.  She's a new homeschooling mom and is working so hard to help her child grow as a reader.
  • Lori at Conversations in Literacy who is passionate and knowledgeable about reading instruction.  I am always learning something from her blog posts.  
  • Erin at I'm Lovin Lit.  Erin's products have become my go-to products for the year.  I have loved making and using interactive notebooks with my kids.
  • Wendy at Read With Me ABC has become a great friend in the blogging world.  She recommends the best books (My favorite from her blog...Each Kindness by Jaqueline Woodson.)
  • Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad is one of the most positive cheerleaders I know in blogland.  She is always encouraging and has great things to share.
  • Andrea at Reading Toward the Stars got me started blogging and selling things on Teachers Pay Teachers.  We did our reading program together, and she's is the energizer bunny in disguise.
  • Joanne at Head Over Heals for Teaching hosts something near and dear...Saturday Spark for Student Motivation.  I've really enjoyed reading and learning new ideas from this linky.
  • Em and M at Curious Firsties must go on my list.  My favorite post has to be the Fancy Nancy Tea Party...check it out!
  • Jessica from Hanging Out in First is another energizer bunny from Virginia.  She began our Saturday Night Teacher Feature linky which was lots of fun earlier this month.
  • Number 11 on my list is Jennie from JD's Rockin Readers.  I have really enjoyed reading Jennie's posts on RTI and assessment.  She's a very positive person, and provides a voice for literacy instruction.
  • I am breaking the rules and adding a 12th because I know some of these have already been nominated.  I have to include my blogging friends, Colleen and Staci at The Rungs of Reading.  We met each other through conversations on Facebook, and we decided to co-host a big detective themed blog hop back in the fall with other reading specialists.  It was so much fun, and from that hop, we've all become very good friends which started Adventures in Literacy Land.  
Why did you start blogging?
Which blog post was your favorite to write?
What movie is your favorite?
Last book you read?
What hidden talents do you have that others may not know about?
If you could pick a new car, what would you choose?
Favorite websites?
What foods are your biggest weakness?
Which of your TpT products is your favorite?
If you could travel to a sunny location, where would it be?
If you could choose one person in history as your "life mentor", who would it be?

Wow...if you made it to the end, congratulations!  That was a long post!  Thanks again Kristen for choosing my blog as a Sunshine blog.  I can't wait to hear what my three picks have to say.  Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. Awesome post, Carla! I love it! Definitely go for the PhD - it is such hard work but you'll feel so accomplished and discover new ways of thinking. And I am totally going to take your advice and start traveling more before we have kids!

    1. Oh if only... We have to pay for my son first! I appreciate the encouragement though. For now, I will learn from other bloggers and continue to improve my teaching. Thanks again for the email. It was very sweet.

  2. The Sunshine Award is a well-deserved one for you, Carla! Your list of nominees are also some of my favorite blogs to follow! Keep reaching and teaching!

    1. Ah thanks Jennifer! I love your blog too. Actually, I read probably about 30 truth be told. That would make for one LONG post, huh! Have a nice day!

  3. Thank you, Carla! You're the best!!

    Colleen & Stacy


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