Five for Friday VSRA Conference Highlights, etc.

What a crazy week it has been, but in the end, I got to hear Donalyn Miller, and that my readers was just...plain...awesome!!!  She has so many great ideas, and the message from the VSRA conference was....tweet, tweet, tweet!  I guess it's time for me to figure it out.  More information to come on that, but for's the highlights from my week!

Cartoon Number OneOur week began with yet again two more snow days just when we needed time with our kids to prepare for the state writing assessment.  We didn't end up getting the amount of snow they called for, but through the night on Monday, we got the second round of freezing rain.  Mother Nature needs to take a vacation.  I am beginning to feel like this is where I am wanting to go.  How about you??

Cartoon Number Two
On Wednesday, we got back into school and really worked on reviewing all of the writing skills we've learned this year.   I am so proud of my students hard work this year with writing, but I know by the end of the test, we were all feeling like this.

Cartoon Number Three
Thursday kicked off the soccer season for my oldest.  It's hard to believe this guy is a senior.  Oh how I've enjoyed our soccer seasons. His team won 2-1!!

Cartoon Number Four
On Thursday, I abandoned my family for professional development (ah-hem...time away!).  Seriously, I *love* going to our annual reading conference.  Each time, I learn *so much*.  This year, the conference spotlights Tanny McGregor (Comprehension Connections and Genre Connections), Stephanie Harvey (Nonfiction Strategies), Chris Lehman (Close Reading), Laura Robb (Reading/Writing Workshop), and Donalyn Miller. I just finished Donalyn Miller's The Book Whisperer and Reading in the Wild.  I *HIGHLY* recommend them.  I hate to use all caps, but they are that good.  In fact, I will be sharing more about them in future posts, and I'd love to discuss further with others.  They will be reread for sure, and guess what...Andrea, my blogging buddy from Reading Toward the Stars, and I got to talk to her for a few minutes before and after her talk!! I was amazed that she is still in the classroom, and I was so pleased when she signed my Reading in the Wild book.  We talked a bit about her latest blogging adventure, The Nerdy Book Club.  If you are looking for a class read aloud or books to recommend to kids, you might start there to read the book reviews that have been shared.

Cartoon Number Five
I am feeling so proud.  I just signed up for Twitter and wrote my first Tweet! You can follow me at Comp Connection@Carla Fedeler. I have no idea yet how this will work, but I am officially *on Twitter*. I will be reading and tweeting about these books next.  I am curious what others think about them.

Have a great weekend, readers.  I hope the weather in your area will be as nice as ours.  From what I understand, we're once again having the calm before the storm.  Urgh!  Spring, please come!!


  1. I just ordered The Book Whisperer from Amazon, and plan to read it over my spring break! I can't wait!

    Love the Calvin cartoon! It describes how my second graders and I looked after we finished our standardized tests this week. They actually cheered when we closed our "bubble test" booklet for the last time on Thursday!

  2. Wow, you sure had a busy week! Conferences can be so draining, but it's always great when you find great stuff to take back to the classroom!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. I would love to hear Donalyn speak! I read The Book Whisperer several years ago. Her strategies for increasing reading engagement and comprehension really hit home for me. Sounds like your week was packed but exciting!
    Burke's Special Kids


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