Must Read Mentor Text Linky-Slinky, Scaly Snakes

It's a super Sunday in Virginia, and there is no snow in the forecast meaning we will probably get a full week in.  Today, I am linking up with Stacia and Amanda at Collaboration Cuties for Must Read Mentor Texts.  This week's linky focuses on science, so my choice is a book that many of my students have enjoyed, and although they say they are creeped out by snakes, they really find them very intriguing.  Read on to hear about Slinky Scaly Snakes.

Just look at that cover. What kid wouldn't be freaked out by interested in reading the book?  The DK readers are always well planned and include all of those great nonfiction text features we teach.  I love how this is organized by topic...types of snakes, how they move, what they eat, how babies are born (yep it's in there), and snakes' predators.  Here's a glimpse of the inside from Amazon.  The photographs are just so cool, and my tutorial student last week was amazed that snakes even eat animals as big as a pig!

Last summer, when I was tutoring a middle grades boy, I knew this was the perfect book, so I put together a unit for it.  Here's a glimpse of it.  Since I'm highlighting the book, the unit will be free from my blog for the next 24 hours.   After 10 PM tomorrow evening (2/17/14), it will be redirected to my store at TPTs and priced at $2.50.  

So whether you like snakes or not, definitely take a look at this one.  It might work well for you for skill modeling with the materials I've given or if you happen to have a set of the books like I do, it would work well for guided reading and writer's workshop.

Now to sum it all up, I'll leave you with Amanda and Stacia's blog button.
Wishing you an awesome week, and until next time...happy reading!
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