Flat Stanley Writing Project Idea

Recently my sister sent my nephew's Flat Stanley project request, and since the tourism office is not in the most convenient place and time was a bit short, I decided to use the help of the internet to do a virtual tour of Virginia with Flat Carson.  Well, as I put together the information for Carson, the wheels started spinning in my head.  What a great project to help my students review for the upcoming Virginia Standards of Learning test *and* work on researching and writing skills at the same time.  Genius right??  (Well, I guess we shouldn't go that far!!)  I thought I'd share the idea in case others in Virginia are interested in giving this a try or from other states for that matter.  

So let me start with sharing the finished product pages.  I think that will be the best way to demonstrate the idea.  

With each page, I focused on a research topic related to the state and told about it as Flat Carson traveled around. (BTW, I scanned Flat Carson in, made the background transparent, and just pasted him in the pictures I found with Google).   I started in our city and described a few ideas related to Lynchburg. From Lynchburg (and our state map), I had Flat Carson travel to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe.

From Charlottesville, Flat Carson traveled east to Richmond, our state capitol, Williamsburg, and Jamestown.  Again, each stop focuses on a different research element (government and history).

After central Virginia, Flat Carson visited the beach area which allowed me to share information about tourism, the naval shipyard and fishing industry. Information could also be shared about the waterways too.

The final stop for Flat Carson was Washington DC.  Even though Washington DC isn't really in Virginia, I felt it was important to include since it involves northern Virginia, a large metropolitan area.

I think my students will enjoy working on this project.  Project based learning is a really great way to keep students engaged and learning in a hands-on way.  I can't wait to give this a try with them and see what they come up with.  


  1. Looks like Flat Carson had quite a trip to Virginia! Love the fact that you snuck research in there to prepare your kiddos for the state test. So smart!

    1. This was actually for my nephew in Iowa, but I am going to have my kids make their own projects after our state writing test. I was thinking it'd be a great way to continue working on writing skills and prepare for the state assessment. Thanks Wendy!


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