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Happy Friday Followers!  It's the weekend...wooohoooo!  I hope you've had a great week.  This week has been just a bit unnerving I must say.  We have had a rough week in my community, but it ended positively thank goodness.

Cartoon Number OneDuring the front end of the week, we got a horrible call to the school.  We were told there was a bomb in our building, and we were evacuated.  At first, we all thought it was a fire drill, but no one came around to tell us the all clear sign.  Eventually, the news got to us, but by this time, we'd been standing in the cold for about 30 minutes.  Well, we remained there for probably another 30 waiting for school buses to come and transport our kids away from the school.  We were the third school to be called and by the end of the day, the number rose to 10...all evacuated.  The positive note if there was one is that our crisis plan worked well.  I feel like my students responded well and handled the situation comfortably as I think they truly felt secure and protected.

Cartoon Number Two
This week, I had the best time writing with my students.  We've been preparing for the Virginia Standards of Learning Writing Test, and this week's prompt was, "Pretend you are a superhero and have a superpower. Write a story explaining how your superpower helped you."  For prewriting, we used Popplet and came up with this.

Once my students completed the brainstorming web with me on the smartboard, I had them use the "Popplet" to develop their Four Square plans.  Any time I can get my kids talking about their ideas before writing, the ideas just flow so much better.

Cartoon Number Three
On Wedneday, before my kids began their rough drafts, I shared this cute book with them.  Chris Van Dusen is becoming a favorite of mine.  This book is nothing short of genius.  I mean really...who could write an entire book with characters, setting, and a well planned plot all in rhyme?  Plus, this book has amazing word choice which is why I chose to use it with this particular prompt.  He uses onomatopoeia and  metaphors, as well as vivid verbs and adjectives. Here are a few pictures from inside the book for you to get the idea. 

Cartoon Number FourOn Thursday, I was home with my daughter while her school was on Mid-Winter Break, and all morning I kept an eye on Facebook for more information regarding bomb threats sadly.  They were repeated again with 9 more schools and 2 hospitals, but the great news of the day was that someone was arrested, and we hope that we can get back to the business of teaching our children in a secure and positive learning environment.  Thankfully, my school was not impacted on the second round (or my poor substitute might never return). Then, last night, we had a wonderful parental involvement night which began with a little Zumba action, included a healthy dinner and workshop by our community services board, and our reading and technology workshops on fluency and websites for at home.  We had a great turn out, and if you're interested in use the handouts and video clip I used with the presentation, you are welcome to them.  They are {here}, and that brings me to today....Friday!!!

Cartoon Number FiveThis afternoon, I got to spend some time with my youngest over lunch and pottery painting.  She had a great time painting this pen cup for her youth director, Susan, who has been such a special person in both of my children's lives.  They love her, and when I asked Catherine who she wanted to make something for, she said Susan of course!  Here she is with her piece.

Also today, I am looking forward to doing a little shopping on TPT's to take advantages of the big sale.  I am purchasing this clip art from EducasongThomas Jefferson Clip Art Bundle

Weather Clip Art

and since my kids have enjoyed interactive notebooks so much this year, I thought I'd get Erin's set too.  I love her work so much, and I know it will be very helpful as we close in on testing time.  
Interactive Reading Notebooks Informational Text: Nonficti

I hope you find a few great things too.  Speaking of great things, don't forget to drop by tomorrow for...

Things will be hopping along anytime after 12:00 AM and will run through 12:00 AM Monday morning. Each blogger will have a Rafflecopter for a prize from their store as well as a freebie for you.  The winner from each blog's Rafflecopter will have their name in a separate drawing for one $100 gift certificate from Buy, Sell, Teach.

Happy Friday and until tomorrow (because I know you'll return for the hop)...happy reading!


  1. Oh my gracious! So sorry about the bomb threat. Glad to hear everything turned out okay and the person was caught. Glad the practice made you all feel protected though. :) That pot is SO cute. Love the little hearts and the letter design. I will be back tomorrow for the blog hop! Sounds like fun! :D
    Come Visit Readbox!!!

    1. I'm so glad you dropped by Kristin. It was a wild week here for sure, I'm heading over to check out your Five for Friday. I think you normally do it. :-)

  2. Oh Carla that sounds so scary! Glad the rest of your week was ok.
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

    1. I just saw this note. Thanks for your comments. It was a little unsettling, but honestly at the time, we thought it was a fire drill. I was very relieved when they caught the person.


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