Five For Friday-Friendship Week

Wow...five day weeks hurt, don't they?  I am full of energy and raring to go on a Friday tired and ready for a nap!  However, I am determined to write this post, so without any more hesitation...let's get on with it!  

Cartoon Number OneI began the week with a mini celebration of Valentine's Day.  Since I'm not the regular classroom teacher, it amounted to giving a small treat and pencil to my students.  Monday, we were back to school on time (and my daughter was delayed, so that made for an interesting start).  Then, I learned my teammate had been dealing with the flu all week during the big snowfall which ended up turning into pneumonia (poor thing!)  The children and I really missed her because we'd planned a surprise party for her to celebrate V-day and her birthday, but I guess we'll spread out the fun until Monday.  She's so thoughtful about remembering each of the kids on their special day and is such a huge help to me.

Cartoon Number Two
Also on Monday, I kicked off a week long reading and writing unit with the book, Bully by Patricia Polacco.  I used the unit I shared with our Loving Literacy Blog hop earlier this month, and I was so, so pleased with the writing my students put together.  Here's a preview to the unit in case you missed it.  Bully is a must read for every fifth grade teacher sending kids to middle school.

We are preparing for the state Writing SOL, so this provided another opportunity to work on the six traits.  I had the students write persuasive essays about why bullying is wrong and how they'd respond to it.  Here are two of the final drafts.  I just love the voice is these...they're personal, organized, and thoughtfully composed.  They are not perfect, but I felt very good about the effort and especially good about what was learned.  Because the kids are expected to compose, revise, edit and publish on the computer, we are working as much as possible that way.  They're typing skills are really coming along too. :-)

Cartoon Number ThreeAs part of our week-long anti-bullying study, I teamed up with our guidance counselor whom the students just love.  I didn't give a lot of information out to the kids, and when he came in, he divided up the group...some went to my table and two were asked to remain at their seats.  He proceeded to give a snack and juice to those at the table and assignments to the two at their seats.  He taunted them some, and then accused one of taking my cellphone.  The other kids laughed of course.  Then, he called for the principal to come.  The child that was accused is a good sport, yet...he became very anxious.  The simulation was intended to show the kids how false information can be spread, reputations ruined, stress levels raised, and feelings hurt.  It was a wonderful lesson, and in the end, everyone received snacks and juice and big pats on the back for being good sports.

Cartoon Number Four
To help address the internet safety aspect of the book, Bully, I teamed up with our technology specialist to introduce Edmodo to them.  We are going to be utilizing it in my classroom with book discussions.  The kids were very engaged and shared a lot of great information about social media and how to remain safe while using it and respectful.

Cartoon Number FiveI saved the sweetest for last.  Tonight is the Father-Daughter Dance for Girl Scouts.  Let's just say one little girl has been looking forward to this night for a month and it is finally here.  We tried on four dresses, and this was the final winner.  She did her own hair...ringlet style and was grinning ear to ear.

I hope they have a great time, and on that note, I hope my readers have a great weekend too.  It's going to be lovely here in Virginia.  Perhaps spring is on the way.


Thanks for visiting my blog today. I love to hear from my readers, so if something from my post speaks to you, please let me know. Feel free to share what has worked well for you or anything else on your mind.