Wednesday Wow with Curious Firsties-Snow Day Fun

It's time for another Wednesday Wow with my friend Em at Curious Firsties, and the wow for today was a surprise snow day.  Usually, you know it's coming, but this one was a little unexpected, so I'm enjoying time with my kids today.  

There's a funny story to share related to our sledding fun.  I realized just as we were about to get ready that I had NO snow clothes here at our house.  They are all at school!!  Last week, we had our quarterly reading incentive party for the kids which happened to be tubing at Snowflex.

Here's a glimpse of what our kids got to enjoy. Well, I was afraid some of my students wouldn't have the appropriate clothes to wear, so I loaded up *all* of our snowpants and old boots. Then, due to really low temperatures last week, we had to postpone.  Needless to say, I just left all of the gear there for this coming Friday.  

But, that did not stop us today!  We layered up and headed out.  It is pretty cold today, so we didn't last long, but the day is not over.  I'm sure we'll be out for another round shortly.   This is my youngest and our dog, Molly, an Old English Sheepdog.  (I *love* this breed!  They are truly gentle as can be.  She's needing a little trim right now, so the ice clumps in her hair make her look really scruffy!).  

I posted this morning early that I am running a Snow Day Surprise!  If you enjoy the Magic Treehouse Series, you might be interested in the half price items listed below.  They'll be $2.00 through tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love the Snow Day pictures! All the snow days have been very interesting this year. I loved going out and sledding with my girls (before the absolute COLD temps hit us). Thanks for linking up. It is so much fun to read.

    1. The kids had such a fun time tubing at Snowflex (a fake ski slope ...they tube/ski on a white carpet that's misted over with water. When the temperatures are too cold, they have to shut down because the sprayers freeze up. It's corny really, but the kids love it. Obviously not the same as snow, but like I said...still fun.

  2. Wow Carla - it is so interesting to see what you guys get up to on the other side of the world! Hard to think it has been so hot over here this Summer and that friends up north in my State are looking at the prospect of a cyclone hitting any time soon.... :( I loved your photos - that looks like so much fun :) Kylie

    1. The children really had a great time, and they worked hard for the incentive. some of mine read 20 chapter books in a quarter as I don't believe in making it too easy on them. I set it just high enough that they have to work. :-) One day, I would love to travel and see you, Kylie. Australia's on my bucket list!


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