Mentor Monday using DRTA with Mr. Lincoln's Way

I expect many of my readers are off today for MLK Jr. Day.  It was nice to sleep in this morning, and today is perfect for linking up with my friend and collaborative blogging buddy, Emily at The Reading Tutor OG.  As we go through today, I think we should reflect on our relationship with those around us and on our attitudes and biases. I've worked on several books lately that focus on friendships, bullying, and respect for self and others.The book I am sharing today has themes of racism and bullying in it, so it works well for this time of year or any for that matter.  Plus, it's by one of my favorite authors, so you know it is going to be good fabulous!  It is...

My lesson used the DRTA method for making predictions.  DRTA stands for Directed Reading Thinking Activity.  Sounds high level, right? Well, it is, and it's easy-peasy to follow.  For the lesson, I modeled using the anchor chart from this set. We used active reading to box, underline, and star important information on the chart.  Then, we began DRTA.  Students were allowed to only look at the Title, Cover, and first few pages and record predictions on two of their prediction cards. (these are placed in the left side of a predictions foldable we made.)

Then, the students read the pages they looked at. As they read, they record the important details in a bulleted list on the front of the foldable.

Once they reach the end of the pages, they remove incorrect predictions from their stack and move all correct predictions to the right pocket of the foldable and move on to step two, confirming predictions and making new predictions.  (The idea with DRTA is for students to realize that we make and confirm predictions throughout our reading versus just before we read.)  

Students continue making predictions for the predetermined section of reading, recording the predictions on the cards provided, and reading to record important information and check predictions. 

As a post reading response, I had my students use Someboady Wanted But So Then to summarize the story.  Here's a freebie you might use for the summarizing part.  If you'd like the predictions chart and foldable to try DRTA with your own book of choice or Mr. Lincoln's Way, this set is available in my store for $1.50 [here].

Thanks for dropping by and reading today.  Whether you are at school with students or enjoying the day off, I hope it's a great day for you.  Until next time, happy reading!
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  1. I love this book and reading about DRTA! Thank you for linking up!
    Emily, TRT/OG

    1. I am sorry I didn't exactly follow what you outlined in the linky, Emily. I promise to read the details better next time. Glad you like the post.

  2. Mr. Lincoln's Way is an awesome choice. Thanks for sharing your DRTA with us!

  3. I have not read this one. But I am pinning it to my "books to buy" board! Thank you!
    Curious Firsties


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