Five Fluency Freebies for Friday

Today is Friday, and we know what that means.  It's Five for Friday day.  For my Five for Friday, I thought I'd share five fluency freebies.  Fluent reading is reading that is at a steady pace with expression and phrasing.  Fluent reading observes punctuation and includes automatic word recognition.  These freebies will help you and your students promote fluent reading in your classroom.

Fluency Folder Fluency Folders

I love this freebie as it promotes fluency at home.  I am a believer in the home-school connection and supporting parents in how to help their children.  When parents listen to their children read and read to them, they demonstrate what fluent reading sounds like. Children need to hear it in order to copy it.
Fluency Posters (Free)

Fluency Posters

I know my students often need visual cues to remember what's important, and these posters from Jane Loretz will reinforce the fluency elements.  Posting them with your fluency center will help your students focus as they practice.

Fluency Cards

Fluency Cards

Need ideas for what to do in your fluency center or with your small group time? I just love this freebie and all of the wonderful ways to teach fluency.  Printing these cards, laminating them, and putting them on a ring will provide your students with fun ways to practice with any passage you give them.
FREE Fry's Short Sentences and Phrases for Fluency

Fluency Phrases

The fourth freebie I'm sharing works well for Tier 3 intervention and/or tutoring sessions.  I can see this working well for partner work too.  Print, laminate, and place on rings or use as game cards.  If students get proficient with these, search Teachers Pay Teachers using the key words Fluency Phrases, and you will find other fluency phrase card freebies to add to your resources.

Fluency Games

Winter FREEBIE: 5 Sight Words Game Boards - First 100 Dolch
My final freebie find comes for Linda Post. These cute gameboards to use with sightwords of your choice will help increase automaticity for your students.  Being able to automatically recognize words helps students increase their pace and phrasing therefore freeing up their working memory to focus on other important information.  We all know that when student reading is halting, comprehension is negatively impacted.

I hope you enjoy using these great freebies, and have a wonderful weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend, and until next time, happy reading!

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