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I am linking up with my blogging buddy, Andrea for her Book Talk Thursday (on Saturday...sorry to be so slow!). This week, she's asked us to share our favorite version of Twas the Night Before Christmas, and because Jan Brett is one of my favorite authors, I would choose her version.  I must say though, I was in shock when I dropped by Amazon and saw there were 20 pages of books listed with this title!  There was even one titled, The Teachers Night Before Christmas! Who knew??  So, by all means, if you want to teach compare and contrast, I do not think you'll have a problem with that!
Here is glimpse of the book...

The review says this about it...

Whose tiny faces are peeking out from Santa's golden sleigh? Yikes! It's two of Santa's elves who are Christmas Eve stowaways. Beloved illustrator Jan Brett's version of The Night Before Christmas lets these two mischievous elves add their rambunctious spirit to this familiar 1823 rhyming story. Here, Santa and his reindeer land on the snowy roof of a Victorian mansion in New England. While Santa delivers the toys inside, the elves and the reindeer frolic around the lawn, as a pig (earmarked for a girl named Jan) and a few alphabet blocks spill out of sacks into the snow. Santa swiftly reins in the mischief-makers and "away they all flew like the down on a thistle." Brett's richly illustrated borders are lavishly decorated with antique toys, ornaments, and sweet treats, all surrounded with twisting golden ribbons. They also give us a window on the mansion's inhabitants, including the children watching Santa's departure in awe. A sugarplum of a Christmas story, just right for a reading before "a long winter's nap."  --Marcie Bovetz

Her trademark borders add so much to the story, and in so many of her books, there is an element of mischief!  In this one, it's the elves. Trouble with Trolls and Christmas Trolls are two other Jan Brett books that work well this time of year for making comparisons if you can't get a hold of two versions of Twas the Night Before Christmas.  No matter what, from now until February, it's Jan Brett season.  I hope you'll pick up a few to share her magic with them.

While you're at it, perhaps you can work in writing using them as mentor texts. Here's a cute piece of stationary you might share with your students when it's time to publish.

Until next time, happy reading!

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