Christmas Cookie Recipe Linky

Today I am linking up with Emily at The Reading Tutor/OG for her Christmas Cookie Recipe Linkly. The recipe I'm sharing is for Kringla.  I grew up in Iowa, and with the huge population of people with a Norwegian decent, Kringla are definitely a common dessert for many during the Christmas season. One reason I love these cookies is because they are light and just sweet enough to be a small dessert. Kringla are so popular in the area of Iowa I grew up in that in a nearby town, a Kringla store even exists.

Christmas cookie making is a tradition in our house, but we don't get too crazy with it (usually just 2-3 types to share with friends).  My children enjoy making them and decorating sugar cookies too. Typically, we've enjoyed decorating a Gingerbread House during the season as well.  In past years, I have done them with my classes too (not just the milk carton size), but just slightly larger.  One year, we used larger boxes and did them in groups to share with the local nursing homes.  For those, we covered all the sides and added a cardboard top for the roof.  That took several days (and left a huge mess!), but the residents sure enjoyed them.  Sadly, now that I am not in a regular classroom, that tradition hasn't continued.  I sure have fond memories of it though, and I imagine my students from those days still recall how beautiful the work was.

Well, if you're a baker and would like to share your favorite recipe and traditions, you can click on my recipe card above which is linked to Emily's linky.  Happy holidays friends, and until next time, happy reading!
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