Time to Be Thankful Linky

My friend, Bex at Reading and Writing Redheads has put this wonderful linky together to help us remember the important things.  I think we as teachers get so bogged down with the day to day and sometimes lose sight of "the big stuff".  (You know that saying...don't sweat the small stuff.) I know I am often guilty of that.  Today, I am taking time to celebrate the big stuff though.  Here are the top ten things I have on my list.  
My husband is so patient.  He allows me to spend long hours working on my computer to create the things I enjoy so much.  He has been such an amazing support to our children too....carting them to school and appointments when needed, taking time to get to games and conferences, talking to and reading with them.  So many acts of love and support.  

My mom and sister are on speed dial too.  I think we talk a few times a week.  With the loss of my father last year, we've sure come together.  It's been a lonely year for my mom, but she's persevering like a champ!

Friends keep things fun and fresh.  I've really enjoyed getting to know my reading bloggy buddies over the past few months.  We chat it up in our Facebook group, and I just honestly love my second family of friends here in "the burg".  Most are our church family and with our immediate family so far away, our church family has been such a huge part of our lives.

Oh and technology...I do love my computer.   It's great fun to create things and connect with friends too.

Books, books, books, authors, authors, and authors...we just can't get enough.  My favorites...Jan Brett, Patricia Polacco, Tomie dePaola, Chris VanAllsburg, Cynthia Rylant, Karma Wilson, Mem Fox...I could go on and on.  Thank goodness for great literature.

Children...boy they keep us busy.  I feel like somedays I am just on this earth to chauffeur kids around.  I need a yellow taxi sign on the minivan, and I know so many other moms who do too.  I love the little things the kids come up with and the excitement of reading "that book"...the one they never thought they would.  It's just so exciting.  

Vacations are a must for me.  I love a great beach vacation, but most of all, it's just fun making memories whether it's a long distance away or a mini trip close by.  

Schools...thankful for the many opportunities provided both to my own children and those I teach. I have one headed to college next year, so we're spending lots of time reminiscing the past.  It's been so fun and went so fast!  There are many adventures ahead too.  

Finally, I listed health.  It's been a long year for three good friends going through cancer treat, and sadly I lost one too.  We all need to get in and get checkups done regularly.  You need to take care of yourself to take care of others.  

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving fans and most of all, be safe and savor the time with family.  

Until next time, happy reading!

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