Five for Friday

What a week it has been!  This week, we celebrated our daughter's 11th birthday on 11/11 after a long weekend at Disney World, so I feel like I'm still catching up.  This week, I thought I'd focus my Five for Friday on Five Fabulous Fictional Finds (aka great books)!

The first of my picks, Snowflakes Fall comes from author, Patricia MacLachlan and illustrator, Steven Kellogg.  I really enjoyed using All the Places I Love this fall with my students, and this book looks very similar.  It is best introduced via this video clip from Amazon.  I love how it celebrates the unique qualities of each individual, and the fact that it's related to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary makes me really want to purchase it. I love both author and illustrator too.  
Number 2 on my list is Chris Van Allsburg's Wreck of the Zephyr. Hard to believe, but it's celebrating it's 30th year.  Van Allsburg is certainly an amazing author.  Where does he get his ideas?  I have several Van Allsburg favorites with Two Bad Ants as my top choice.  Grab Wreck of the Zephyr to kick off a Van Allsburg author study sometime soon.  I know I will be.

Rounding out the top three is Gifts of the Heart by my all time favorite, Patricia Polacco.  This special book is about gift giving, but the focus is on gifts of love.  Naturally, it is autobiographical, and the reviews...perfect (and I'm not surprised).  As soon as I can get my hands on a copy, this prize piece will have a unit built around it just in time for the holidays.  I plan to focus this one on writing...stay tuned. 
The fourth feature book making it's way into my classroom in the coming weeks is Chicken Cinders, the newest book written by Jan Brett.  This one is a version of Cinderella, so I'm sure your students would enjoy comparing it to Sootface, Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, or The Rough-Faced Girl.  The setting is during the holidays, so it's perfect for December.

Number Five comes from author, Jane O'Connor.  Typical true Fancy Nancy style, this Thanksgiving version is sure to please your middle grade students.  It too received fabulous reviews, and Jane O'Connor, AKA the queen of vocabulary, weaves in wonderful words for your students.

Now, it's time to let this one fly, but before you go, mark your calendar for another fun-filled blog hop titled "The Gift of Reading".  This one is being organized by my blogging buddy, Shanon, over at "A Day in the Life of a Title 1 Teacher". There are 22 in our team of reading specialists contributing units as our gift.  What better gift is there for us to give to you for you to pass on to your kiddos, right?  My gift will be a unit for Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett. Can I just say that there is a ton of super cute clip art available now, so I know you and your students will love it.

Now, go out and have a great weekend. Thanks for following my blog on Bloglovin.  I hope you'll come back soon.


  1. Hi Carla - I found you through Doodlebug's linky, but I follow you, too! I was so touched by the symbolism and renewal in Snowflakes Fall that I immediately ordered it from Amazon. Living in CT, memories of the Sandy Hook tragedy continue. As terrible as it sounded to everyone far away, to be so close to it was even worse. I'm looking forward to sharing this book with my kiddos. I'm also a Fancy Nancy fan, and love her books, as well! Thanks for sharing! ~ Lisa

    1. I love comments! Thanks so much for coming by. I will go visit yours too. I just can't wait to get that book. Have you read All the Places I love? It is just beautiful, and I am sure Patricia MacLachlan wrote totally from the heart. Wasn't that video clip neat. I love knowing background about books. Just makes them so much more meaningful. Have a great weekend, Lisa!


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