Wonderful Wednesday

Well, it's a wonderful Wednesday in Virginia today, so I thought I'd share some wonderful work.  This week, my students have been working on wonderful writing.  We've completed narrative writing and have begun writing persuasive letters.  I began my group with something near and dear to all kids...pets!  My students are writing persuasive letters about the type of pets they'd like to have.  When we started writing this year, putting information into paragraphs was very challenging.  I've found using the Four Square writing plan easy for them to follow, and they are now writing five paragraph responses.  With this prompt, I worked on developing a hook and position statement as the introduction, had them give three well developed reasons (with the strongest shared last), and a closing statement/call to action.  I thought I'd share the writing materials they received this week.  Each day, I do a brief mini lesson and follow it with process writing time.

To go along with the w theme, how about word work?  Word work is so important, and here's a word work tip for when you're waiting.  I used this one while we waited to be called up for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow production that we had this morning.   My students were in line, and we reviewed our vocabulary with Odd Man Out (categorizing).  I listed off two vocabulary words along with two words related to one of them, and the students had to select which did not belong and explain why. Odd Man Out can be used with previously taught vocabulary words, but also with those dead words you want your students to exclude from their writing or with spelling words that you'd like to expand upon.

While I'm on the topic of word work, I came up with another version of Scrabble for my tutoring student last week, and she really enjoyed it.  We made words with the tiles to practice for her weekly test, but added in the challenge of finding the word with the largest value and smallest value.  It worked well to review math facts too.

The last bit of wonderful words I'd like to share for wonderful Wednesday is that two exciting events are coming. This weekend will be October Facebook Frenzy.  I am part of the 2-3 group, and I'll be sharing a surprise unit through my Facebook page.  To follow me on Facebook, you can use this link.  The theme for this month is fall, Halloween, and pumpkins.

The other big event is one I am hosting with Stacy and Colleen from The Rungs of Reading.  I've mentioned it in past blog posts, but now we're getting closer to the actual date.  I am so excited about the wonderful reading tips and materials that will be shared.  Everything will have a detective theme to it, so you can imagine how cute the materials will be, but the most important thing is the depth of the materials.  We want readers thinking and applying what they learn, so be sure to come back to run through the hop.  As you do, I hope you'll follow these bloggers.  There is a wealth of knowledge within our group, and I know the information these ladies share will be well, wonderful! Here are the details.  I am adding the blog badges of the bloggers that will be involved so that you can check them out ahead of time.  Have a Wonderful Wednesday all!


  1. I like to use my "theme" books as previews for writing skills! It's ALL pumpkins, bats & spiders! wendy 1stgradefireworks@gmail.com

  2. Theme books work beautifully for ideas especially. I love to look for organizational patterns, word choice, and voice. I also love mentor texts for specific comprehension skills too. Thanks for sharing.


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