Guest Blogging at Minds In Bloom with Rachel Lynnette

What a day it has been!  The day started with the release of my blog post at Minds in Bloom where I shared several reading comprehension strategies I've enjoyed using and a few freebies.  If you're interested in dropping by her blog, you can hit the link above.

After a busy morning playing handbells at church (which went quite well).  We always laugh because no one ever knows when we mess up because they're in such awe over the sound of the bells. Thank goodness, right??  Once home, I madly did the Sunday afternoon lesson planning gig. Thank goodness I was able to use a few of the freebies I got through Facebook Frenzy (which last just one more day if you didn't run through it.)  Speaking of Facebook Frenzy, this Frenzy boosted my fan total over 1000!  I am shocked!  I sure hope they stick around.  Guess that means I better give them posts with sustenance!  (Hint...this may not do it unless you head to Minds in Bloom.  This brain is tired!)  We also got family pictures done which was hilarious.  My dear daughter loves the camera!

Finally, fans, make sure you drop in next weekend for Super Sleuth Blog Hop.  It will start right here on this page in just...5 days!

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