Five for Friday

Another week has come and gone, and tonight, I've got big news to report.  It is Facebook Frenzy, and I want to spotlight five files you should not miss (including mine although it probably isn't as indepth as the others I'm sharing)

The first of my picks comes from a Facebook Frenzy Friend, Nancy Alvarez from Teaching with Nancy.  This unit is jam packed with adorable, and I mean adorable graphics.  It will burn through your color cartridge, but it's so cute that it won't matter.  It will help your young readers work on initial consonants.  I think it'd be a perfect addition to your small group activities or as a review game for center time with supervision.  It might also work well if you have a parent volunteer come in to tutor.

Number 2 on my list comes from Jennifer Russell Drake at Crayons, Cuties, and the Common Core. This one is a math focus and is ideal for kindergarten working with numbers 0-10 on such things as one-to-one correspondence, adding, and subtracting.  It is so bright and colorful.  Jennifer put a lot of time into working with the text and graphics to make this one just right, and it'd be just right for your students if you happen to be working with kindergarten.

Rounding out the top three is Three Pigs Rhyming with Resource Ranch!  I happen to have done a few units with Colin McNaughton's Preston series using the clipart from Scrappin Doodles, and Resource Ranch used every clip to the fullest in this adorable interactive reader, retelling activity, and writing supplement.  I love how it has the potential for before/during/after teaching.  I think the creators at Resource Ranch did a fabulous job keeping it kid friendly.  You might use this resource in conjunction with the books I mentioned.  I love Oomph!, Preston's Goal, and of course, Suddenly!.

The fourth freebie making it's way into my classroom next week is this beauty from Adventures in Room 129.  How did she know I was teaching prefixes next week??   I love hands-on activities, and I appreciate that this unit will stretch my students' thinking with higher level vocabulary.  

Number Five is my unit for Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt.  I decided to combine the two big events I've gotten involved with this weekend and next, Facebook Frenzy and our Super Sleuths' Blog Hop, and what I came up with is a unit for Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt.  This one focuses on the elements of a mystery.  It would work well for tutoring, in small group, with partners or in whole group as a model lesson.  I hope you and your students enjoy it.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I hope you find just the right things for your classroom.  While you're visiting, take a moment to check out my Giveaway in progress and the upcoming Super Sleuth Blog Hop!  The Rafflecopter follows....


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