Five for Friday with Doodlebugs

Well, technically, it's Friday for 30 more minutes, so I am going to whip out this quick post.  That's the way the week went...quick!  Probably because I am busy, busy, busy planning my first big blogging event with my new blogging friends, Colleen and Stacy at...

Fans, you will definitely need to plan to run through our Super Sleuths Blog Hop scheduled for October 25-27th.  All of our units will be detective themed (can I just say there are tons of very cute clipart sets available on in cyberland.  I know you all will LOVE these things.)  So, that is fact #1.  
This week, I spent lots of time running my daughter from place to place.  Activities are in full swing now, so we now have activities three days a week.  She went to her very first Girl Scouts meeting, and she came home with a candy sales flyer...yippee!  (I have never been a fan of paying $10 for something that should cost $3, but alas, it is for a good cause, right??)  
The number three item of the week is something I am super proud of.  This week, my son sent off his application and transcripts for the National Merit Scholarship.  He was selected as a semi-finalist last week, and we'll learn whether he will be a finalist in January.  It's such a different experience preparing for college these days.  I don't know if I even did a college visit!!  (I'm sure I did though.)  He's worked very hard, and I hope the good news continues with that.
Are any of you seeing the results of summer slide?  My students are struggling readers, so many of my students struggle with writing as well.  I decided last year that this would be a strong focus for me, and I am happy to say that I am seeing improvement.  I have had strong success using the Four Square Model for organization with great focus on the Six Traits.  I get so tickled when my students comment that they've replaced dead words with wow words and that their paper has great voice.  We may be the Tortoise through this process, but I feel confident that "Slow and Steady Will Win the Race."  I believe in these kids, and I know they will make me proud next spring (whether they pass or not).  

Well, I'm down to five minutes left of Friday, so this must be quick.  I think I will share five books we read this week in my classroom.  I work with fourth and fifth grade, and this week we studied Folktales.  My
students didn't have much of a schema for Folktales.  In fact, they thought Mulan and Spongbob were folktales.  I believe I've clarified this now with this great list...

Well, that's it.  Now, I'm ready for bed.  Have a great weekend, friends!


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    1. The two tough ones are myths and legends. They just didn't get them. I think we'll continue the discussion this week.


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