Fabulous Mystery and Detective Freebies

Good evening fans!  Plans are rolling along for the upcoming Mystery Marathon Blog Hop sponsored all of the wonderful reading specialist bloggers below.  In honor of the event, I thought I'd share some great freebies I've found on Teachers Pay Teachers.

First up is this Mystery Mark Bookmark used to collect story clues.  It would work well to help students with the Stop and Jot strategy or Close Reading.  Students record information as they read for use after reading.

The next freebie is an adorable take-home activity that can be used to celebrate your students.  The children fill the mystery bag with special things about them.  I love the clipart used on the parent letter, and I think it'd be a really fun project for parental involvement and community building

Many of us love using the Daily Five organizational plan for our reading blocks, and these cute detective themed posters may fit right in if you're studying mysteries.  They would work well projected on a smartboard as a schedule reminder to students as well since they're electronic files. Because these are landscape format, they fit perfectly on the screen too.

This freebie is one I used with my students this week!  The graphic organizers work well for all ages, and I love how the pages were put together.  They fit into our interactive notebooks, and there are explanations for the skill too.

The final freebie to make my post is simple, but would work well as a during reading activity for questioning.  Students love foldables, and putting it together would not be too time consuming for the teacher.  You could just cut this poster apart and add the tabs to the bottom of each page of the flip book and the clipart as the cover.

Well, I hope these ideas help you in your classroom.  Remember, if you download them, try to leave feedback for the creators.  We all love freebies and the fact that the authors so generously share them.  In fact, I check at Teachers Pay Teachers first before I make anything because chances are, it may already exist.  :-)

Have a great week until next time...


  1. Many thanks for the terrific freebies!

  2. I am so excited :) Thank you for coordinating this!

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    1. I am too! I think it will be lots of fun, and I'm hoping I can do a big mystery unit with my kids later and use lots of the ideas as our comprehension mini lessons. So glad you're joining in. I LOVE your blog, Bridget!


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