Six Traits Sunday-Sentence Fluency

What a day!  I am slow typing up this post, and in fact, I may begin tonight (Sunday) and post it tomorrow at this rate!  I spent the afternoon at school (alas, the Sunday afternoon marathon planning day begins).  It was a productive day though.  Decor up (almost all of it anyway), computers hooked up, room arranged, book nook organized, and some really ugly storage carts are looking much better after a coat of paint. (thank goodness I went in several times this summer. 

So on to the topic for today, Sentence Fluency.  When I think of books that demonstrate strong sentence fluency, I think of books that have creative sentence structure.  Sentences flow well and are carefully crafted to best express the author's message.  Sentences can be long and winding joining one idea to the next or can be purposefully short and choppy, but the message is clear.

What books have carefully crafted sentences?  I did a little digging to see what I might find and share from the web.  Of course, I started with The Writing Fix, and I found a few of my favorites listed. I will add these titles and links to the linky tool below, so readers can go directly to the lesson ideas.
Scholastic had a few other suggestions, some of which I have used for framed writing and description.  Here are a few I am familiar with.  The first, Dogteam by Gary Paulsen is a beautiful book about a night out on the dogsled trail.  His choice of words and the way the sentences are crafted make you feel as though you're on the sled gliding across the peaceful drifts of snow under the moonlight.  It is a wonderful book for descriptive writing.  

The Great Kapok Tree is by Lynne Cherry.  This book is about the environment and protecting our trees.  It would work well in April for Earth Day, for Arbor Day, or for environmental studies.  I enjoyed this book's illustrations, so it would be helpful in talking about presentation too.  The story flows well and is told chronologically.  With this book, teachers might use the RAFT paper idea I shared last week.  The book also includes a lot of figurative language.

Finally, one of my favorite books to use as an after reading activity is The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  This book has a set framework throughout the story.  Each page begins with "The important thing about _____ is ______. "  Below, I've attached an Important Book writing frame as a freebie you might enjoy using this fall with the book, Owen by Kevin Henkes.  I also made a generic frame to use with books of your choice as well.  

What books do you have on your list for sentence fluency?  Add them to the linky below.


  1. I love 6 traits, so I would love to purchase all of the Mentor texts/ books by category that you have put together!

    1. You know, I was just thinking of writing up a grant for this. Our school district gives grants up to $5000 for really great ideas, and I think sets of books by trait would be awesome for helping kids analyze quality writing. I am going to write it up and see...more to come. So weird that you happened to read my mind. Seriously just was thinking about this on the way home from registration.

  2. I would love to win anything ! Thanks! :)


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